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Opinion on Changing NCAA Basketball Rules

ESPN’s Eamonn Brennan recently opined regarding 5 rules changes that he would like to see in NCAA basketball governance.  Specifically, he raised the following 5 opinions:

  • I would create a strict, low, revenues and expenditures cap
  • I would lobby for a constitutional amendment to prevent any and all further changes to the structure of the NCAA tournament
  • I would allow players to return to college basketball after the draft if they went undrafted or failed to earn a contract by a given date
  • The salary of the NCAA’s president is getting cut
  • I would force a video game company to make a really good college basketball game

One suspects that the last entry was tongue-in-cheek, but the other four seem serious.  Then again, none of them seem likely.  The major conferences are not going to agree to a spending cap and our US Constitution seems to have bigger issues than NCAA sports.  The cutting of the NCAA President’s salary is a populist measure, at best.  So what are rule changes that make sense?  The Confidential has a few.

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