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New Atlantic Coast Confidential Member Added

Good afternoon ladies & gents!

My name is Jeff and I’ll be contributing to the Atlantic Coast Confidential website on a weekly basis moving forward.  I wanted to give you a brief introduction before I get started.  First of all I’m a huge sports fanatic & a big stat guy.  I prefer college over professional sports, but I like it all, especially the ACC.  I’m a South Carolinian and partial to the Clemson Tigers, however I find a way to pull for one team in nearly every match-up.  Some of my earliest childhood memories involve attending Clemson football games with my family, particularly my grandfather and cousin.  After years of dedication, I now bleed Clemson orange.  In my spare time I like to hit the gym, play golf, do anything involving good friends or the outdoors, all while giving you a new sports article to read each week.  I look forward to reading your comments and receiving your feedback in the near future.


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