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Virginia Tech Holds Off North Carolina: 24-21

Virginia Tech moved one step closer to the Atlantic Coast Conference championship game by defeating visiting North Carolina.  The #8 ranked Hokies jumped out to a 24-7 lead at the end of three quarters and were able to hold on to a narrower  the victory by a final score of  24-21.

With the win, Virginia Tech is in full command of the ACC’s Coastal division.  If Virginia loses to Florida State, which is far from unlikely, Virginia Tech will be assured of a matchup against Clemson for the right to go to the Orange Bowl.  If Clemson wins this week, the potential for a matchup of two 11-1 teams remains alive.

The tough question is whether a disinterested ACC fan should root for Virginia or Florida State:

  • If Virginia wins, this will set up a very exciting Virginia-Virginia Tech matchup to determine who plays Clemson.  Of course, if Virginia wins out, that would mean a 10-3 ACC representative.  But if Virginia Tech beats Virginia, a Clemson-Virginia Tech game could feature two top 10 teams sitting at 11-1.  That would get major national press.
  • Of course, if Florida State wins, the ACC will see one of its football “kings” take another step towards getting back to royalty.  As long as Virginia does not upset Virginia Tech, the ACC would begin to show the nation that it is ready to claim football relevance.

But none of this debate happens if the Hokies had fallen last night.  So, regardless of what happens in the future, the credit must go to Virginia Tech for not losing to North Carolina and keeping this debate alive.  While the game might not have been pretty, the route to a BCS bowl is ordinarily not full of only masterpieces.


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