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Boeheim Was Right: It’s ALWAYS About the Money

When does Jim Boeheim get HIS apology?  Well, he gets at least one of them today.

Jim Boeheim was criticized by some members of the media, and certainly taken to task on this forum, for his pointed statements regarding Bernie Fine accusers Bobby Davis and Mike Lang.  Recall that Boeheim was forced to apologize for saying that it was all about the money. When Boeheim finally apologized for those statements, the sentiment was that Boeheim should not have interfered with the alleged victims’ pursuit of justice.  After all, saying it was about the money disregarded the possibility that these time-barred claims were being advanced solely to prevent future harm.  The heartfelt apologies by Boeheim certainly did the trick in removing the focus away from Boeheim.

But we were all wrong.  Or at least those who criticized Boeheim were wrong.  It turns out that the accusers were always after the money all along.  ESPN is now reporting as follows:

Two men who say they were sexually abused by a former assistant basketball coach at Syracuse University are announcing that they are suing the school.

Bobby Davis and Mike Lang say they were molested by former assistant coach Bernie Fine when they were children. He has denied the allegations. A third man also has accused Fine. The U.S. attorney’s office is investigating.

The two men have hired Gloria Allred to handle their case.

So, there it is.  Despite having an amazingly unique opportunity to advance the interests of those abused in all of society, and despite Syracuse University firing Bernie Fine, that is not enough for the accusers.  Instead, it is time to “cash in.”

As it turns out, Boeheim was right.  So the Confidential apologizes.  You were right.  You probably still should not have said it.

But you were right.

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5 thoughts on “Boeheim Was Right: It’s ALWAYS About the Money

  1. All solid points here — I’m curious where the media goes. Saw @NunesMagician’s tweet earlier that Roger Cossack’s doubting how far the defamation suit can go, but where’s everyone else? I still won’t jump to conclusions on the accusers, but doubts should be creeping in on media’s part.

    • Nunes is a great resource. A lot of reasonable minds there.

      • Always. Especially Sean, but tons of other smart and sensible people over there as well.

        On a slightly related note — saw that we author fairly similar blogs and was wondering if you had any interest in boosting both publications’ profiles/helping each other out. Happy to talk more about it off the comments (@JohnCassillo on Twitter).


  2. Nice commentary Anthony. And now they retain Gloria Allred… to the stars. Call me suspicious, but if your motive is truly altruistic you hire the best attorney who specializes trying pedophile cases in court…not one that specializes in trying cases in the media.

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