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The ACC Elite Lose Players to NBA

With the 300+ Division I basketball school field now reduced to just four, the time has come for underclassmen to announce that they are going to either test the NBA waters or plunge right in.  Duke and Syracuse have already have underclassmen announce that they are leaving.  Duke freshman Austin Rivers has announced that he will be signing with an agent and ending his Duke career.  And yesterday Syracuse sophomore Dion Waiters announced that he, too, was planning to sign with an agent and end his Syracuse career.

In both cases, the players have the support of their coaches.  Coach K had this to say about Austin:

“Austin had a terrific year as a freshman and has put himself in a position to pursue his dream of being a great player in the NBA,” said Duke head coach Mike Krzyzewski. “We are in total support of Austin, his family and his decision.”

Moreover, although Boeheim has not commented, Waiters sat down with his coach before making the decision.  Boeheim apparently gave Waiters his blessing.

These are not the only players that will be leaving the ACC early for the NBA.  The comprehensive NBA draft website,, has an early entry page listing Syracuse’s Fab Melo as another player that will be heading to the NBA.  Other players likely to head to the NBA include Harrison Barnes (UNC), John Henson (UNC), Kendall Marshall (UNC), and Michael Snaer (FSU).

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