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ACC Football Rankings: October 1, 2012

This is particularly complex with Pitt and Syracuse not yet in the ACC, but it can still be done.  This is how the Confidential ranks the ACC football teams as of October 1, 2012:

1Florida State (5-0)–With a win over South Florida, the Seminoles showed that they can avoid a let down.  The Seminoles control their own destiny and are looking very very good.

2. Clemson (4-1)–By dispatching Boston College, the Tigers are trying to stay in contention should Florida State slip up. So far, so good.

3. Miami (4-1)–Miami is now 3-0 in conference play.  Who saw that coming after the Week 2 blowout loss to Kansas State (a legit team)?  Is this the year that the Seminoles and Hurricanes finally meet up in the ACC Championship Game?

4. Duke (4-1)–Duke is not supposed to be for real, but the wins just keep adding up for the Blue Devils.  What team with a worse record deserves this spot more?  Exactly.

5. Virginia Tech (3-2)–The Hokies are not having a typical season.  And being slid into the 5th spot is more of a reflection on the implosions elsewhere in the conference.

6. North Carolina State (3-2)–NC State’s game against Miami was the type of game it needs to win to turn the corner.  Of course, this is a statement that gets said for this program multiple times a year it seems like.

7. Wake Forest (3-2)The Demon Deacons could be #4 in this list, but the loss to Duke caused this drop.  At least they beat the Tar Heels.

8. North Carolina (3-2)–The Tar Heels have done a nice job of beating the teams they are supposed to beat.  Much of the ACC cannot say that, unfortunately.

9. Pitt (2-2)–Despite losing its first two games, Pitt looks to have righted the ship.  Big game against Syracuse this week.

10. Maryland (2-2)Give credit to Maryland-at least they are much improved over last year.  With all the mediocrity, the Terrapins may yet make a bowl.

11. Georgia Tech (2-3)–Hard to explain what is going on in Georgia Tech.  But they have generally looked better than Virginia.

12. Virginia (2-3)Virginia has looked worse than their 2-3 record suggests.  In danger of dropping lower.  

13. Syracuse (1-3)–Syracuse is desperate for a win.  Pitt is going to be a tough foe.

13. Boston College (1-3)–Boston College doesn’t deserve to be #14.  They are playing tough teams.  No impressive wins yet.

Do you agree with these rankings?  If not, let us know.

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2 thoughts on “ACC Football Rankings: October 1, 2012

  1. I have to agree – it IS tough to rank ACC teams after #2 or #3… there is a lot of parity (as always) and (unlike most years) this year there really isn’t a clear “worst team” either. IMO, there is no team in the ACC which would finish last in the Big Ten, SEC, Big XII, or Pac 12 – they might be 2nd to last, but they would all finish ahead of at least one team (Indiana, Kentucky, Kansas and Colorado).

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