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If Maryland Leaves… the ACC NEEDS to Placate Florida State!

The Atlantic Coast Conference leadership must walk into Florida State’s athletic department and ask them who the ACC should add.  If Florida State says “Louisville,” then the ACC needs to go for it.  If Florida State says “Boise State,” then the ACC needs to do it.  If Florida State says “Gardner-Webb,” then the ACC needs to do it.  If Florida State says “Betty White and 70 other 70-year olds,” only then should the ACC pause for a moment before agreeing.

You see… this next move MUST… repeat…. MUST be about football.  The conference needs to do whatever is necessary to keep Florida State happy.  Nobody else is walking out the door if Florida State does not.  Keep Florida State happy and the conference is safe.

Sure, UConn has the coastal location and basketball pedigree.  But they are not a football draw.  And, frankly, Louisville and Rick Pitino are every bit the basketball program that UConn is in the post-Calhoun era.  The ACC should have taken West Virginia along with Pitt and Syracuse.  That would have left the spot for Notre Dame and given the league a football power (WVU), a basketball power (Syracuse), and a little of both and the glue between them (Pitt).

If the ACC thumbs its nose at Florida State again, it might as well start writing its obituary.  Maybe the ACC will survive in the same way that the Big East survives to this day.  But it will never be the same.

ACC… please keep Florida State happy!


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6 thoughts on “If Maryland Leaves… the ACC NEEDS to Placate Florida State!

  1. Vinnie Saltine on said:

    At this point, I think the only thing that the ACC could do to make Florida State and Clemson happy are to let them leave the conference.

    The ACC has very few options; best case is getting ND as a full member (unlikely) and then add UConn (which even then I’m not sure will make FSU happy), or try to poach a football school from another “Big 5” conference…but realistically who could you get?

    Would Vandy give up SEC money for a shot at actually making it to a contract bowl?
    Would Kentucky give up SEC money and would their football team really be an improvement enough for FSU, or would that be seen as a “basketball” move?

    [Even if you could get Vandy and/or Kentucky, that’s only going to open up a slot in the SEC for Florida and/or Clemson.]

    Would PSU give up B1G money? Could the ACC afford the Grant of Rights?

    Would poaching Navy as a football-only from the Big East in 2015 be seen positively by the “football” schools?

    If i had to guess, I’d say that FSU and Clemson to the Big-12 (or possibly SEC if they think that the rush to 16 teams is on) will happen next, and then the ACC would go full-ESPN/Disney by adding UConn and UCF.

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  3. based on how the computers see the ACC, FSU and Clemson have to leave if they EVER want a shot at BCS Championship. it took 14 yrs for Norte Dame to get to #1 and only reason they are #1 is bcuz they are undefeated, but they are not #1 in my mind. if they played top teams from every conference and not bottom feeders i might feel differently, or join a conference and go 11-0

    • That is absurd, sorry. If you want to be in the BCS title game, you must go undefeated. Once you lose once, you invite an analysis. Last year, Alabama lost and still got to play because they were deemed better than a one-loss Oklahoma State team. Being in the Big XII did not help OSU. If you want to ensure your relevance, you go undefeated, rather than plan for the 1-loss issues.

      Regardless, this all changes with the 4-team playoff. It becomes very likely that at least 3 conferences will be represented. A 12-1 FSU will get in before a 12-1 Oregon. FSU plays Florida OOC. That will always help.

      And Notre Dame’s schedule this year was fine. @ Oklahoma. Stanford. Michigan. MSU. Miami. USC. I put that against any team’s schedule in the country. Sorry. I don’t like ND, but they not only are 11-0, they have done it against a bunch of elite teams. If they cannot beat a Barkley-less USC, they don’t deserve to be in the CCG.

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