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Florida State & Expansion (Update)

Frank the Tank is now fanning the fires with respect to a Florida State move to the Big 10.

But the ACC Presidents decided to jointly issue a statement pledging allegiance to the ACC.  The text is as follows:

“We, the undersigned presidents of the Atlantic Coast Conference, wish to express our commitment to preserve and protect the future of our outstanding league.  We want to be clear that the speculation about ACC schools in negotiations or considering alternatives to the ACC are totally false.  The presidents of the ACC are united in our commitment to a strong and enduring conference.  The ACC has long been a leader in intercollegiate athletics, both academically and athletically, and the constitution of our existing and future member schools will maintain the ACC’s position as one of the nation’s premier conferences.”

Obviously, this is not a binding contract or anything.  But it is noteworthy that some of the most desirable expansion targets initiated this process.  Regardless of is value, it is an unprecedented move.  This is negative, because such moves have not previously been necessary.  It is positive because the Presidents are trying to assure each other that they do not need to try to beat each other to the punch.  Unless and until there is a grant of rights (which the Confidential believes is not insurmountable), the rumors are not likely to stop.  Indeed, one wonders how much of the realignment rumor mill is being created by those who recruit against the ACC.


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3 thoughts on “Florida State & Expansion (Update)

  1. Vinnie Saltine on said:

    Death, Taxes, and Conference Realignment…although in the NCAA’s case, they don’t have to worry about Taxes.

    • Six of the presidents that signed that document were at least 1 different conference in the last 10 years: Miami, BC, VT, Pitt, Syr, Lou in the Big East and Lou was also in C-USA. Just food for thought.

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