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Proposed ACC Divisions

With the recent addition of Louisville to replace Maryland, the word is that Louisville will just slot into Maryland’s position in the divisions.  What are those divisions?  Who knows?  The non-geographical distribution makes them impossible to remember.  In any event, the Confidential recommends the following divisions:

Atlantic (Coastal rival)

Boston College (NC State)

Wake Forest (Duke)

Syracuse (North Carolina)

Virginia Tech (Virginia)

Louisville (Clemson)

Pittsburgh (Georgia Tech)

Miami (Florida State)

In other words, this would be geographical, except that Wake Forest and Miami slide north and Virginia stays with the South.

The real loser here is Wake Forest, who loses games with its North Carolina-based rivals.  But this is just reality here–Wake Forest is in the worst negotiating position of all teams in the NCAA.  Even Iowa State has its own network now.  You can make arguments for every ACC school to be in some other conference.  But not Wake Forest.  So, with apologies to the Demon Deacons, they just need to suck it up.  Life isn’t fair.  Besides, they also get to be in a division with two private schools.

Virginia gets to be in the South, playing North Carolina and Virginia Tech every year.

Miami gets to play Syracuse and Boston College–Northern exposure every year for those schools.  Florida State gets to be with all Southern-based schools.  Rare trips up north.  Miami and Florida State will play every year.

Were UConn and Cincinnati to ever join… this could be tweaked as follows:

Atlantic (Coastal rival)

Boston College (Wake Forest)

Cincinnati (NC State)

Syracuse (Duke)

UConn (North Carolina)

Virginia Tech (Virginia)

Louisville (Clemson)

Pittsburgh (Georgia Tech)

Miami (Florida State)

Under this scenario, private schools are matched up again.  The basketball is slanted heavily towards the Atlantic.  But any division with Duke and North Carolina is always going to be tough.

In the Confidential’s view, doing whatever one it can to make the divisions logical and easy to remember behooves its short-term and long-term interests.  No matter how hard you try to make divisions competitively balanced, it will not work out perfectly.  So at least use logic and common sense.

What do you think?  Do you prefer the current set-up?  Different idea?

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3 thoughts on “Proposed ACC Divisions

  1. As a Virginia Tech graduate and fan, I would be very opposed to this set up. Virginia Tech left the Big East in 2004 to join the ACC. Part of the allure of that move for fans and administrators alike was playing ACC teams with which they had more history than the Big East teams.

    Virginia 94 Games
    NC State 48 Games
    Florida State 36 Games
    Wake Forest 36 Games
    North Carolina 35 Games
    Clemson 33 Games
    Miami 30 Games
    Duke 20 Games
    Boston College 21 Games
    Syracuse 17 Games
    Pittsburgh 12 Games
    Georgia Tech 10 Games
    Louisville 7 Games

  2. It’s simple…

    North – VT, UVA, UNC, NC State, Pitt, Syracuse, Cincy, BC
    South – UM, FSU, Clemson, GT, WF, Duke, ND, Louisville

    ND and Cincy could flip if ND would rather be in the north.

    • Swapping ND and Cincy would make some sense.

      However, I think if there is a spot for only one team, UConn will get the nod over Cincy.

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