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Reviewing Signing Day 2013: How Did The ACC Do?

Well, another signing day has come and gone for college football.  Your question, naturally, is how did the ACC do?  Actually, your real question is how YOUR team did.  But you’ll have to settle for this broad analysis for now.

Our friends over at ESPN have taken the time to rank the recruiting classes.  The ACC did quite well.  Future partial member Notre Dame was deemed to have the #4 class.  Florida State cracked the top 10 at #9.  Clemson was not far behind at #13.  We’ll have to see whether the Confidential correspondents agree with that order.  Virginia Tech, North Carolina, and Miami finished from #19 through #21.

So that is 5 of the top 21 teams being current ACC, with Notre Dame being a 6th team.  By comparison, the Big 10 had two teams in the top 21, with Ohio State and Michigan in the top 6.  Nebraska and Penn State at least finished at #24.  The Pac-12 had 3, with UCLA, USC, and Washington all slotting between #12 and #18.  The Big XII had two, with Texas and Oklahoma finishing #15 and #16.  The rest of the top 21 was SEC… meaning 8 of the top 21 teams were SEC.

All 14 SEC teams finished in the top 38, which is simply amazing.  Indeed, where the ACC struggles is with the second tier.  Only Virginia cracked the top 40.  See this:

SEC               10 in top 25                    14 in top 40

ACC               5 in top 25 (+ ND)        6 in top 40 (+ ND)

Pac-12           3 in top 25                      7 in top 25

Big 10            4 in top 25                      6 in top 25 (+ Rutgers)

Big XII          2 in top 25                      5 in top 25

Really, none of this is surprising.  The biggest problem with the ACC is that the lower-echelon teams are not given enough credit–fairly or unfairly.  But the ACC has absolutely nothing to be ashamed of at the top.  It is as strong as anyone–it just needs to win more BCS games and get more titles to prove it.

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7 thoughts on “Reviewing Signing Day 2013: How Did The ACC Do?

  1. dacuseman on said:

    Cuse finished at or very near the bottom of the Big East recruiting assesments in all of Marone’s years but tied for the league championsip, manhandled the leagues BCS rep. (UL), and finished as a fringe top 25 worthy team. I don’t think you could do that if you get the worst BCS recruiting class in the country every year. Just sayin.

    recruit ratings = inexact science

  2. I know this is off topic…but Notre Dame now indicates not moving to ACC for BBall etc until after next year(Brey said another year for bball in BE). Why did Notre Dame do this? I don’t think it was because of an extra fee to get out early which was already established by ‘Cuse and Pitt. What effect does this have on ACC renegotiating ESPN TV deal?

    • I don’t know. The negative person would say that Notre Dame is dragging their feet to see if the ACC is still alive in 2015. The positive person would say that Notre Dame is delaying to allow time for a 16th team to make sense.

      • …and what does your gut feel? Can the ACC renegotiate a TV contract to raise its per team dollars without Notre Dame coming next year…after all, one of the primary basis for realignment is $$$…and the ACC cannot stay where it is and keep together–at least I think that. So how does it close the dollar gap either real or perceived (especially by the WVU boards and tweeters)?

        • I would just ignore the WVU folks. Every post is just another way to disparage either Syracuse, Pittsburgh, or the ACC. I guess it makes more sense than rationalizing a subpar season and getting utterly blown out in the Pinstripe Bowl by that same Syracuse team.

  3. One last try at this…does ACC get a renegotiation with ESPN prior to ND coming on board and the Univ Maryland suit settled?

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