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Orange Crush!

What a great run the past few days for the Orange.  Boeheim always seems to do better when they are not supposed to win.  Both wins were done in such impressive fashion the OrangeNation can truly celebrate this season.  For all the Boeheim flaws, people have to respect how understated he is.  When he said a week or so ago that this was his best defensive team he meant it. 

As Lenville hinted to me in an earlier post it could be Louisville – Syracuse Game # 4 this season!  I think this is Louisville’s tournament to lose as I thought going in Louisville was probably the best team and they certainly have done nothing to make me think otherwise.   I hope MCW and company can lead them to at least the championship game.  I attended the 1987 and 1996 Final Fours when Syracuse lost in the finals.  I did not attend the 2003 Final Four when they won.  As much as I would like to go to Atlanta, I will stay away to see if the 2003 history can repeat itself.

Three straight Final Fours without an ACC team but at least two newcomers help out.  How hard do you think the Big East office in Providence was rooting for Marquette? 

Trey Burke of Michigan vs Michael Carter-Williams on Saturday night – a great point guard matchup that should determine the winner. 

What do you think – does a Syracuse championship get Boeheim to change his mind and retire?  As much as he said he’s not done, its reasonable to think he would reconsider if the Orange wins the whole thing.

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4 thoughts on “Orange Crush!

  1. Hope Boeheim stays. The ACC needs as many marquee coaches as possible, even if that does make things harder for the rest of us.

  2. Boeheim always seems to do better when they are not supposed to win.

    –so true. It is almost as if the lower the talent level, the more coachable the players are. Maybe not “talent” as much as “self-perceived talent.”

  3. tjcuseacc on said:

    I believe you are right on regarding the perceived talent.

  4. LenVILLE on said:

    Boeheim is an outstanding coach and a class act, I hope he sticks around awhile longer. Syracuse is peaking at the right time and playing elite basketball right now. Good luck Syracuse, may the best team win.

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