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The American Athletic Confidential Looms?

As we know, the Big East is no longer.  Well, that’s not true exactly, as the Catholic 7 are taking the Big East name, adding a few schools, and carrying on the business of basketball relevance.  The Big East leftovers, as they have been called, are apparently set to choose a new name–the American Athletic Conference.

Apparently, teams like Connecticut and Temple were tired of the jokes about the Big East having, albeit temporarily, San Diego State and Boise State in a conference in the “east.”  No longer will this be a problem, as the American Athletic is large enough to encompass anyone–from Maine to Hawaii.  If you are an American school, you can be invited someday.  And perhaps will.

The Confidential thinks the AAC members sold themselves short.  American Athletic Conference is a name that is waiting to be dissolved, like Conference USA.  There is nothing about it that fuses the teams together.  American?  Check.  Athletic?  Check.  Wanna be part of our conference?  Check.  Welcome to the Club.  Vanilla.

The question that begs is whether people will get the AAC and the ACC confused?  Maybe that is what the AAC is hoping for.

Of course, the Confidential wonders whether it is time to franchise.  Anyone want to star the AmericanAthleticConfidential?  C’mon, all you Houston, SMU, and Tulsa fans…



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3 thoughts on “The American Athletic Confidential Looms?

  1. Vinnie Saltine on said:

    If they were going for generic, they have succeeded. The name is incredibly boring – then again so will the games between all of the teams in the conference…so after further review, good job Aresco for coming up with a name that epitomizes how terrible your conference will be.

    Get ready for some AACtion!

    I’m surprised they didn’t go with the “National Conference of American Athletics” or “National American Athletic Conference Partnership”.

  2. LenVILLE on said:

    I’ve heard they want to be called The American instead of the AAC so hopefully there won’t be any confusion with the ACC. I will try my best to keep the AAC & the ACC separate while we’re stuck in it next year. Metro would have been a much better brand to reestablish.

  3. BruceMcF on said:

    “If you are an American school, you can be invited someday. And perhaps will.”

    Indeed, the initials could just as well be for the All Aboard Conference.

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