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ACC Grant of Rights Deal!

The much needed ACC Grant of Rights deal has happened according to ESPN and CBS  What great news for all of us who feared departures!  Maybe this leads to adding UConn and Cincinnati?

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7 thoughts on “ACC Grant of Rights Deal!

  1. Sorry tj, definitely didn’t mean to steal your thunder here! haha…I think we must have been writing at the same time. I directed everyone down to you first, though haha…Personally, I don’t want to see Uconn, or Cincy. I want a 10-game conference schedule. I think that would make a big conference smaller, not a big conference bigger.

    • tjcuseacc on said:

      No problem! I’m just so thrilled to hear what I never thought I would hear. I really thought the only way to stop pillaging was to somehow get West Virginia (wanted to believe the April Fool’s Day joke!) or have this happen. This is huge for at least slowing down expansion.

  2. Great work guys. Way to cover the story while I was traveling. Thanks!

  3. jae1837 on said:

    So there is a lot of chatter as to why FSU agreed to the GoR now when they rejected the $50 million exit fee. What everyone seems to forget is why FSU rejected the increase in exit fee. FSU voted against the increase in exit fee because they the ACC did not deliver an ACC cable channel. So it seems reasonable to believe that the ACC and ESPN have reached an agreement on an ACC cable channel. Just my humble opinion folks, but it seems reasonable.

    • Believe the ACC Network is fairly close and one reason for FSU signing the GOR; however, I have heard that there will be division realignment within the next year or two resulting FSU playing at least two of the following every year…GT, Clemson, and Miami. Let’s see if this happens.

  4. Starting an ACC network would actually be easier to start up for the four letter network than it was for them to start one for that southern conference.

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