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The Confidential ACC Football Top 10 Poll: Week 4

With four weeks wrapped up, the Confidential correspondents generated a lot more similarity in their polls this week.  So how do the ACC teams stack up?  Well, here is the Confidential Correspondents Football top 10 Poll for Week 4.  Remember, we include Notre Dame and Louisville.  This year, we’ll start with team number 10 and work our way to #1.

9. NC State and Virginia (tie).  5 points. These spots were debated heavily, as the Beasts of the East (Pitt, Syracuse, and BC) received 4 points.  But Virginia has wins over a decent BYU team, better wins than any of the top 10 outsiders.  Meanwhile, NC State got more mileage out of its narrow loss to Clemson than it lost by winning narrowly over Richmond.

8. Virginia Tech (3-1), 13 points.  Virginia Tech has not looked great against East Carolina and Marshall.  Really wondering whether Frank Beamer is losing his touch.  A lot of season left for him to prove everyone wrong.  Next up for the Hokies: @ Georgia Tech on Thursday.

7. Georgia Tech (3-0), 29 points.  The Yellow Jackets already have two conference wins, beating both Duke and North Carolina.  The season is already shaking out pretty well for Georgia Tech.  A win over Virginia Tech this week would mean 3-0 within the division too.  Next up: Virginia Tech.

6. Maryland (4-0), 31 points.  Maryland’s A.D. budget may be in shambles, but the A.D. did a great job setting this season up.  Gradually increasing difficulty in schedule with OOC games, culminating with a win over West Virginia, 37-0.  This is not a vintage West Virginia team, and the Mountaineers have had a problem with blowouts recently, but give the Terps credit.  This team is looking very solid as it heads into its final ACC games.  Next up: @ Florida State on October 5th.

5. Notre Dame (3-1), 36 points.  A loss to Michigan in Ann Arbor is never a bad loss, unless Greg Robinson is involved for Michigan, but the Wolverines sure have not looked good against Akron and UConn.  The Fighting Irish do have wins over Purdue and Michigan State.  Oklahoma comes to town next for Notre Dame.

4. Miami (3-0), 44 points.  The Hurricanes won by 70, but somehow fell behind Louisville.  Then again, Louisville also won by 70.  Cupcake city.  This week’s opponent, South Florida, has been awful in 2013.  Miami cannot afford to lose the momentum here.  Next up: @ Miami.

3. Louisville (4-0), 45 points (1 first place vote).  The Cardinals have yet to be truly tested.  The American is looking slightly tougher, as Central Florida (Penn State) and Rutgers (Arkansas) each have decent wins.  Cincinnati will be tough.  But other than that … wow.  Next up: @ Temple on October 5th.

2. Florida State (3-0), 50 points (1 first place vote).  The Seminoles have a QB.  The defense looks decent.  The skill players are there.  The team might be a bit young overall, but the talent is in place.  This week’s game against Boston College is the type of game that has bitten past Florida State teams.  They need to win the very winnable games.  Next up: @ Boston College.

1. Clemson (4-0), 56 points (4 first place votes).  Clemson avoided the dreaded upset against North Carolina State.  Although they did not keep up with Florida State, Louisville, and Miami in putting up video game stats, the level of opponent was much greater obviously.  Heck, Clemson is so good that North Carolina State lost to them and moved UP in the standings.  Next up: Wake Forest.

Others receiving votes: Syracuse, Pitt, and BC (4 points); UNC (2 points).  Duke and Wake Forest = 0.

What do YOU think????

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One thought on “The Confidential ACC Football Top 10 Poll: Week 4

  1. If only Ohio St had the balls to schedule Louisville instead of San Diego St!

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