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Tech Report: The Quiet Undefeated

So, Georgia Tech goes 3-0 (2-0 ACC) after their 28-20 home win over UNC.  But all anyone wants to talk about is Clemson or Florida State, with a reluctant side order of Miami.  How can the Jackets earn some respect?

Start Faster:

In the first half, Carolina looked like they were on their way to an easy win.  The GT offense was out of sync, and the only thing stopping the Heels O was the Heels, racking up possession-killing penalty after passion-killing penalty.  In the second, however, the Jackets turned things around and held UNC scoreless the rest of the way.

Know Who You Are:

Again, in the first half, Tech seemed to be trying to run a more diversified offense, with more than a few up-the-middle runs that ended up short or no gainers.  In the second, they went to those sweeping option runs much more often, with excellent results.  Robert Godhigh carried nine times for 99 yards, an 11-yard average!  David Sims added 99 more and QB Vad Lee racked up 58 and a TD of his own.

Nothing wrong with not being one-dimensional, but play to your strengths early and often.  Just sayin’.

Win The Winnables:

Looking down the road, I see only two games that don’t look like possible Ws:  Clemson and Georgia (after the North Texas scare, Georgia may not be as tough as I am thinking here).  The meeting with Miami, at Miami, is of course critical, but if they can squeeze that one out they should win the Coastal.  Not saying that will happen, but it should be firmly placed in the realm of possibility. If they follow the prescription above. If they are not racked by injuries.

And if it does happen, then everyone will be talking about the Ramblin’ Wreck.

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2 thoughts on “Tech Report: The Quiet Undefeated

  1. As good as the ACC looks this year there’s nothing wrong with being behind Clemson, Fla State & Miami. Its good for the conference that everyone is doing well. Tech has continued their momentum from their big bowl win.

  2. I’m definitely stoked at how well the ACC is doing this year. It’s just awesome to see us finally break through to the potential that’s been there all along.

    Not to be that fan though, but the reffing in that game was horrible (as bad as “the call” in the NC State-Clemson game). Tech shouldn’t have gotten the touchdown when the guy fumbled it as he crossed the plane. The ref shouldn’t have anticipated that he wouldn’t drop it, therefore signaling a touchdown. He should have waited until it was definitely a touchdown (or not) to signal it. If he had, the initial call would have been a fumble and there wouldn’t have been enough evidence to overturn it. As the announcers said, it could have gone either way, but that one went to the home team because they’re the home team. Plain and simple.

    There was also a blatant chop-block by GT that led to another touchdown. A couple more calls were questionable as well. One play doesn’t lose a game, and UNC shouldn’t have let the lead get away from them, but I can’t help but feel angry about that one. We desperately needed some momentum, and it got washed away by Saturday’s storms.

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