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ACC TwitterBag, October 4, 2013

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.

If you have any questions for the Confidential, don’t bother emailing… follow us on Twitter @ acconfi and send a direct message there.  Or leave us an answer here in the comments section for the next rundown.  If you insist on emailing, sending it to  If it is a good one (or there are only a few), we’ll answer it here.  Let us know how you want to be described (anonymously, etc.).

Now… onto the mailbag…errr… twitterbag.  The names have been changed to protect the innocent.

“Tom,” probably a Florida State fan:  Is this the year that the ACC finally puts a team in the BCS Championship Game?  A lot of teams are looking good.  Florida State, Miami, and Clemson.  

The Confidential:  Not likely.  The problem is that this year’s ACC is too good.  Miami is having a bounce back season–must be that Miami just needed Pitt and Syracuse on the schedule to feel like their old selves.  Virginia Tech is suddenly looking better.  Georgia Tech will be tough.  Pitt has improved as the early third of the season progressed.  Syracuse has a new QB and a new vibe.  Boston College is looking better.  Maryland is undefeated.  Pretty much everyone outside of Tobacco Road looks dangerous–and any of those NC teams can win at home.  Clemson still has to beat Florida State head-to-head and win a conference title game.  A lot of places to be tripped up.  BUT.  But if this Clemson teams runs the table, they are for real.  The all-around improved play of the Conference in the OOC slate gives much reason for short-term and long-term optimism.

EDIT: To clarify–if anyone runs the table in the ACC this year, they are legit.  With all the developing depth, 13-0 in this conference is as good as doing so in any conference outside the SEC.

“Dirk,” a Syracuse fan: Can Syracuse upset Clemson this weekend?

The Confidential:  CAN they?  Sure.  Any given Sunday Saturday.  The Syracuse secondary needs to play its best game of the season–they looked lost against Northwestern.  The Syracuse defensive line needs to get pressure on Boyd and maintain contain on the edges.  The linebackers need to be on their game.  And the offense needs to do what it has done the past few weeks.  Syracuse will need the turnover edge and to win the special teams battles.  If all, or most, of that happens, Syracuse can win.  I would not spend anything other than fully disposable income on such a wager though.  Clemson is very very good.

“Harry,” fan allegiance unclear: If you had to do a Mount Rushmore for ACC quarterbacks this year, who would be on it?  

The Confidential:  Tajh Boyd. Teddy Bridgewater, and Jameis Winston are on the list.  Louisville is in the ACC, as far as we are concerned.  Those teams are 4-0 for a reason.  CJ Brown also makes the list–through four games, over 1,000 yards passing and nearly 300 yards rushing.  Again, the most important stat for a QB is wins, and Maryland is 4-0.  All four of those guys are top 20 in quarterback rating, according to ESPN.  If we have to leave out Bridgewater, it gets dicey.  Tom Savage and Brandon Connette have put up big numbers, helped out by the defense-free game between Pitt and Duke.  There is a lot of season left.  In fact, the important part of the season.  So let’s see where things go outside of the cupcake games before finalizing the list.  

That’s all for this week.  Keep the questions coming.  If you disagree, share your answer below.  Heck, if you agree, share your answer below!         

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One thought on “ACC TwitterBag, October 4, 2013

  1. Alabama & Oregon are the favorites for the championship game. I’m not sure if either Clemson or Florida St could jump one of them without them losing. Stanford, Ohio St & Louisville round out the other likely contenders. Dont count Georgia out just yet either. My prediction is that it will be Oregon and Clemson.

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