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Election Day: Why a Vote for Hillary Clinton is a Vote for Evil!

Look, maybe you cannot vote for Donald Trump.  There are numerous reasons–Biblical and otherwise–why many have reached that conclusion.  Not voting or voting third-party is certainly a valid option.  But the one thing that is clear is that a vote for Hillary Clinton is a vote for evil.  And the thing is that you do not need even a Bible to reach that conclusion.

Hillary Clinton is either “for” late-term abortions or she is in favor of a limitation on opposing late-term abortions where there is an exception for “the health of the mother”–an exception that can be used to swallow the rule whenever that is useful.  See here.  Lest there be any doubt, she is in favor of legal abortion up until the day of birth:

The New York Times reported that the executive director of the National Coalition of Abortion Providers admitted that he lied when he stated that “a controversial form of late-term abortion is rare and performed primarily to save the lives or fertility of women bearing severely malformed babies.”

You may not know what a partial birth abortion is… well, that same New York Times article will help you out: “In the procedure, a fetus is partly extracted from the birth canal, feet first, and the brain is then suctioned out.”

Let that sink in… the fetus–wait, that is just a term used by evil folks to pretend that a baby in the womb is not a baby–so we will not use it.  The BABY is pulled partially out of the birth canal and then the brain is SUCTIONED OUT.  The baby’s head is left just inside the birth canal to maintain the fiction that the baby is still inside the mother and therefore not entitled to any rights whatsoever.

If the government did that to prisoners convicted of murder, it would violate the Constitutional prohibition against “cruel and unusual punishment.”  If a stranger did that to an ape at the zoo, you would lather your Facebook page and Twitter account with condemnation.  If your neighbor did that to a dog, you would call the police, FBI, and a moving company.  If your neighbor merely shot a cat or a squirrel for no reason, you would be very disturbed.  But some people (apparently a lot of people) are perfectly fine with this being done to baby human beings.

And you think it is rare?  Why?  Even if “only” 1% of abortions are of this ilk, with 3,000 abortions per day in the U.S.A., that is 30 babies a day killed via this procedure.  At year’s end, this would be nearly 10,000–larger than the tragedies of 9-11 and Pearl Harbor combined.  Every year.

Of course, all abortion is contrary to Biblical wisdom and instruction.  A true Christian should be opposed to voting for ANY candidate who is pro-abortion or supports any other intentional violations of God’s moral law.  But for those who are on the fence about their Christianity and/or abortion, the partial birth abortion issue has to be the clearest example of just how depraved Hillary Clinton is.

But, again, you do not need a Bible to tell you that an industry that provides something as purely evil as a partial-birth abortion is, itself, evil.  And just because you claim (truthfully or untruthfully) that you would not do it, if you support those that actually do it, what is the difference?  Do we look favorably on Nazi sympathizers just because they did not put on the uniform?  Indeed, as Dante Alighieri adeptly noted and others have eloquently repeated in different forms, the “darkest places in hell are reserved for those who maintain their neutrality in times of moral crisis.”

And if mere silence in the face of evil is evil, then voting for evil is all the more evil.


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3 thoughts on “Election Day: Why a Vote for Hillary Clinton is a Vote for Evil!

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  2. manyfacedgod on said:

    Oh no. I cannot let this stand.

    A vote for evil? She is untrustworthy. She has no convictions. She will say whatever she thinks you want to hear her say in order to get your vote. I question her self-awareness and even her moral compass. She was a TERRIBLE Presidential candidate and I’m honestly glad she lost.

    And you know who else was a horrible candidate? You know who was a worse candidate? Drumpf. (As glad as I am that Clinton lost, I’m just equally saddened that Drumpf won.)

    I CANNOT stand people who are one issue voters. Give me a break. You know what the Bible also says? To not commit adultery, to not steal, and to not covet thy neighbor’s wife. Drumpf has done all of the above. You know what Drumpf has said he was in support of on numerous occasions? Torture, murder, and nuking the heck out of people. He even told his supporters to beat anti-Drumpf supporters and suggested that gun rights supporters should shoot Clinton. If you’re going to bring up the murder of unborn children (and I agree that it’s murder), you cannot then ignore the fact that Drumpf has called for the reinstatement and escalation of torture and for the murder of innocent women and children.

    Drumpf also preaches hate. Hate for women. Hate for Muslims. Hate for Hispanics. He didn’t denigrate the black community too much this cycle, though he has reportedly in the past told black employees to be out of sight in his properties and he was literally sued for discriminatory housing practices against blacks. And his running mate preaches hate for LGBT. (Now, I don’t care if you agree with their “lifestyle”, but you cannot deny them their basic human rights as provided by our Constitution and then simultaneously claim yourself to be a Christian). There is this absurd, hypocritical dichotomy in modern day American Christians where it’s ok to hate multiple groups of people as long as you evoke “God,” “Jesus,” or “the Bible” in your defense. HORSE POOEY!

    Oh, wait. I almost forgot. Drumpf has been a liberal Democrat for much of his adult life. In 1989 he HOSTED a dinner for a pro-choice non-profit, NARAL. In 1999 he was on a news broadcast and said, and I quote, “Well, look, I’m very pro choice. … I just believe in choice. … I am pro choice in every respect.” In that same interview, when asked if he would ban partial birth abortion, he answered multiple times, “No.” Even during the 2016 campaign cycle Drumpf said he was pro life “with exceptions” at times.

    So enjoy your high horse. And enjoy ignoring the truths you don’t like. But you should be ashamed for spreading hatred amongst your fellow Americans and neighbors. You have bought hook, line and sinker into the conservative right’s manipulation of Christian America.

    • Did not vote. Therefore, you can be 100% certain that I did not vote for Trump.

      If a gun was to my head to vote for Hillary, I’d be dead. If a gun was to my head to vote in general, I might have cowardly voted for a 3rd party candidate in lieu of the bullet, but still would not have voted for Trump.

      Liberal policies are destroying society’s ability to make moral decisions. Therefore, I disagree with your suggestion that Trump was the worse candidate. At the same time, he was a poor candidate, so I am not really interested in spending much time on it. He could be horrible, beyond horrible. If he ends up weakening socialism and globalism, then I will be a little pleased. Not holding our much hope that he will truly advance a palatable moral agenda. But I am certain that Hillary would not have. Nobody can love abortion and have any moral compass. Being a dumbass is not the same as being evil. Not proof that evil is missing, just not proof of evil. So, if pressed, I disagree that Trump is/was worse. I think you will find a more interesting debate elsewhere.

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