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The Confidential’s ACC Football Top 10 Poll: Week 9

So much for October, it is now November and the Florida State-Clemson game of the week is a distant memory, as Florida State-Miami will be the contest everyone is still talking about.  With two 7-0 teams, it certainly should be.  Someone gets a huge strength of schedule boost with win.  Even the standings are starting to settle in the top 6.  We’ll see who is #1 next week.  Here is the Confidential Correspondents Football top 10 Poll for Week 9.  Remember, we include Notre Dame and Louisville.  This year, we’ll start with team number 10 and work our way to #1.

9. (tie). With 5 points each, there was a three-way tie for 9th place between Maryland (5-3), Wake Forest (4-4), and Pittsburgh (4-3).  Stay tuned to see which of these three teams can get to bowl eligibility first.

8. Georgia Tech (5-3), 21 points.  The correspondents were not to impressed with wins over Syracuse and Virginia.  Not exactly the top teams in the ACC.  Hosting Pittsburgh will give the Yellow Jackets a chance to greet both new ACC members rudely.  Next up: Pittsburgh.

7. Duke (6-2), 22 points.  Last week, the Confidential said that the Virginia Tech game looked like a loss.  It wasn’t.  So Duke has everyone’s attention now.  With games against NC State, Wake Forest, and North Carolina upcoming, a 9-win season is possible.  Next up: North Carolina State on 11/9.

6. Notre Dame (6-2), 33 points.  The Fighting Irish continue down the armed forces portion of their schedule, hosting Navy.  The Midshipmen just beat Pitt, so this should be a competitive game.  At least more so than least week’s beat down of Air Force.  Next up: Navy.

5. Virginia Tech (6-2), 36 points.  Losing to Duke caused the Hokies to drop down below Louisville.  Presumably, the Confidential correspondents deem Central Florida superior to Duke.  Perhaps.  Virginia Tech only has one more home game left.  Next up: @ Boston College.

4. Louisville (7-1), 40 points.  The Cardinals got back to winning ways, with 34-3 win over 2-win South Florida.  And it gets even easier for the Cardinals this week, as they travel to Storrs to take on winless UConn.  A Friday night game though?  Louisville will play 5 non-Saturday games this year.  All hail the AAC.  Next up: @ UConn on 11/1.

3. Clemson (7-1), 49 points.  The Tigers 40-27 win over wounded Maryland was OK.  But not the type of win that teams angling for BCS games put up.  Once again, Clemson played down to its ACC competition (all except Wake Forest and Syracuse so far).  At least Clemson is getting the wins.  Next up: @ Virginia.

2. Miami (7-0), 51 points/1 first place vote.  Miami narrowly escaped Wake Forest–looking rather inept on offense and defense in the process.  If Miami does not play significantly better this weekend, Florida State will absolutely dominate.  In fact, it is really hard to see Miami keeping this within 20 points.   Next up: @ Florida State.

1. Florida State (7-0), 59 points/5 first place votes.  If you did not know the records last week, you might have thought Wake Forest was better than Miami.  Well, unless Miami brings its “A” game, Florida State may make yet another top 10 team look Sun Belty.  Jameis Winston remains the real deal.  Next up: Miami.

Others receiving votes: Boston College 3.  No other teams received votes.

What do YOU think????

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3 thoughts on “The Confidential’s ACC Football Top 10 Poll: Week 9

  1. Loking at the BCS standings, would’ve the ACC been better off if Clemson had beaten Florida St? Can the Noles jump an undefeated Bama or Oregon?

    • By then, they will have beaten Clemson, Miami, Florida, and someone in the ACC CG. By not having another good OOC game, they cost themselves a little. But better to be #3 than #8 by over-scheduling.

      • Wouldn”t Clemson have had a better case though? Beating Georgia, Fla St, S Car & probably Miami in ACC CG? The Noles will need help from the pollsters or someone losing. I think Clemson would have jumped an undefeated Oregon or Bama. Fla St is one of the elite three this though.

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