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Jim Grobe Resigns

Jim Grobe stepped down today from his position as HC at Wake Forest.

I was able to listen to portions of the news conference live on the radio this afternoon (12/2) and it played out like an absolute lovefest.  AD Ron Wellman spoke first, praising Grobe for his affection for his players and what he had done for the schools football program, most prominently the 2006 ACC title and subsequent Orange Bowl berth.

Then it was Grobe’s turn.  He emphasized that he and Wellman were and would continue to be good friends. He went on to express his confidence that the AD would find a good coach to lead the program going forward.

There was absolutely no hint of animosity from either side.  Regardless of whether there were any pressures from either the university admistration or alumni, this was an extremely classy way to part company.

Grobe’s stats at WFU;

13 seasons

77 wins-82 losses

42 conference wins-62 conference losses

Conference titles: 1, in 2006

Bowl Record: 3-2

Grobe also was HC at Ohio, finishing 33-33-1 there with no bowl appearances for a total career record of 110-115-1

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3 thoughts on “Jim Grobe Resigns

  1. Nick Saban? Just kidding. Although, if he really wanted a challenge, this would be much more of a challenge that Alabama or Texas. Funny how people REALLY don’t want the challenges that they pretend to want. Not just Saban, of course.

  2. Get Bobby Petrino while he still available. He may not stay long but he would post some W’s & bring an exciting style of football.

  3. I hear Ed Orgeron is looking for a job…

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