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The Confidential’s ACC Basketball Poll: Preseason

As football winds down, basketball starts up.  At schools like Syracuse and Wake Forest, it cannot come soon enough.  But with every looming season comes the predictions… and here we go.  This is how a quorum of Confidential correspondents see the ACC playing out in hoops:

#1. Duke (3 first place votes, 46 points).  The Blue Devils lost a lot, but they are reloaded.  You may not like Duke or Coach K, but you have to admit that this team is primed well.

#2. UNC (1 first place vote, 44 points).  Roy Williams could use a nice season to take the heat off of the academic scandal surrounding Chapel Hill.  He has the team to do it.

#3. Louisville (1 first place vote, 43 points).  Newcomer Louisville has Hall of Fame coach Rick Pitino.  Expect the Cardinals to make some noise.

#4. Virginia (34 points).  The Cavs won the ACC and the ACC tournament last year.  The program has enough coming back to make it interesting again.

#5. Syracuse (29 points).  All the correspondents placed Syracuse either 5th or 6th in the ACC.  If Syracuse’s freshmen and sophomores step up, they can play with the top tier.  If not?

#6. Florida State (24 points)

#7. Pittsburgh (18 points)

#8. NC STate (16 points)

#9. Notre Dame (6 points)

#10. Miami and Wake Forest (tie)(4 points).

Clemson  also received one point.  Virginia Tech, BC, and Georgia Tech did not receive any votes.

Anyway, preseason is preseason… what do YOU think?  Did we hit/miss?

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4 thoughts on “The Confidential’s ACC Basketball Poll: Preseason

  1. I’m really looking forward to seeing Wake make the jump this year. Even though they have a new coach, they have a GOOD coach, and that will make all the difference. The Jeff Bzdelik era was not a proud time in their history, but there’s no reason they can’t be right up there with the top 5 each season.

  2. We will know more about the Cards tonight when they play Minnesota as its Pitino vs Pitino.

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