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The Confidential’s ACC Football Standings Poll: Week 15

With only the ACC Championship Game remaining, the Confidential correspondents had no trouble listing Florida State #1 and #2.  Actually, the only unanimous selections were FSU @ #1 and BC @ #6.  In any event, here is how the correspondents view the top 10 in the ACC:

  1. Florida State (12-0)(50 pts, 5 first place votes).  At 12-0 and headed for yet another ACC Championship Game, the Seminoles are truly an easy #1 selection for the ACC.  Which Florida State offense will show up?
  2. Georgia Tech (10-2)(44 pts).  Although one voter did not see the Yellow Jackets as the #2 ACC team, the rest of the correspondents did.  Looking forward to the ACC Championship Game.  Can Georgia Tech move the ball against an improving Florida State defense?
  3. Clemson (9-3)(39 pts).  The Tigers defeated rival South Carolina handily, which was a more impressive feat than narrowly beating Kentucky, giving Clemson the edge here.
  4. Louisville (9-3)(37 pts).  That Virginia loss sticks out, but the Cardinals were able to avoid any other upsets, defeat rival Kentucky, and notch a win in South Bend.  Not bad for an ACC debut.
  5. Duke (9-3)(36 pts).  Of the 9-3 teams, the Blue Devils were least impressive.  The non-conference schedule hurt, as did tough losses to Virginia Tech and UNC.
  6. Boston College (7-5)(24 pts).  The Eagles were able to play Clemson and Florida State close again this year, while also pulling an upset against Southern Cal.  The Eagles are headed in the right direction, as yet another Atlantic team capable of big wins.
  7. North Carolina State (7-5)(17 pts).  North Carolina State rebounded well from last year, defeating its soft non-conference slate, but also notching a dominating victory over rival North Carolina.  All in all, things are moving in the right direction.
  8. Notre Dame (7-5)(13 pts).  The Fighting Irish came within a whisker of beating Florida State, and then imploded.  The warning signs for Notre Dame were there when Syracuse forced all the turnovers.  Better teams took advantage of those miscues, leading to a disappointing season for a team once ranked in the top 10.
  9. COASTAL MEDIOCRITY.  Strictly speaking, Pitt and UNC got 6 votes, while Virginia Tech (3) and Miami (2) were outside the top 10.  But are any of the 6-6 teams truly deserving of being placed above the rest.  In fact, all four teams were disappointments, with Virginia Tech and Miami simply being more disappointing.

Virginia (5-7), Syracuse (3-9), and Wake Forest (3-9) did not receive votes.  Nor should they have.  It is on to 2015  for those teams.  We will have one more poll after the bowls are completed.

What do you think?  Did we hit/miss?

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