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Chryst to Wisconsin? If So, What Will Pitt Do?

The rumors are that Paul Chryst of Pittsburgh will head back to Madison to coach the Wisconsin Badgers.  The deal cannot be sealed until mid-week, next week, as there are specific hiring protocols for the University of Wisconsin.  Still, there is no reason why Chryst would not go back to Wisconsin to coach at his alma mater and where he was offensive coordinator for several seasons.  The question is… what will Pitt do if/when he bolts?

Here is one article that summarizes 10 potential candidates.  Here is what the Confidential thinks about some of them:

Paul Rhoads – Iowa State head coach.  As a former Pitt defensive coordinator, Rhoads and the school have a history.   And it would be easy to see why Rhoads would want to leave Iowa State–success is not coming.  Of course, would Pitt want to hire someone with such little success?  Probably not.

Greg Schiano – former Rutgers head coach.  Say what you want about Schiano and his likeability, he did build Rutgers from a program only slightly better than Temple–who got kicked out of the Big East–into a program that was accepted into the Big 10.  He knows the northeast (certainly New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania) and Florida, which is nice.  Hard to disagree with this type of hire.

Bo Pellini – former Nebraska head coach.  Pellini did not win enough big games at Nebraska, but he sure won enough overall games.  Many ACC schools, including Pitt, would not mind 9 win seasons.  It would be interesting if Nebraska, Wisconsin, Oregon State, and Pitt just reshuffled their coaches too.  And somehow everyone ends up pretty happy.  Pitt could do a lot worse than a defense-oriented, high-passion coach like Pellini.

Will Muschamp – former Florida coach.  Pellini got fired for winning only 9 games a year.  Muschamp did not even do that, despite coaching talent-heavy Florida in the weaker SEC division (the East).  Another defense-oriented guy, but not sure this is a step in the right direction.  Maybe for the rest of the Coastal it would be.

ANYWAY, what do you think?  If Chryst returns to Wisconsin, who fills his shoes?


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2 thoughts on “Chryst to Wisconsin? If So, What Will Pitt Do?

  1. Mike Haywood is still available…

    Pelini is probably the best option as he’s had the most success. Schiano would be a good hire, provided that Pitt fans don’t expect 8+ wins each year.

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