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Confidential Correspondents’ Basketball Poll: January 27, 2015

The Confidential routinely polls its correspondents to rank the top ACC basketball teams.  Here is a quick look at the current top 10:

  1. Virginia (19-0, 7-0).  All 7 first place votes & 70 points.  There are 4 Hall of Fame coaches in the ACC, but none of them are atop the ACC right now.
  2. Notre Dame (19-2, 7-1).  61 points.  The Fighting Irish only have one conference loss–Virginia.
  3. Duke (17-2, 4-2).  57 points.  The Blue Devils got Coach K his 1,000th win, but 1,0001 will be tough as Virginia and Notre Dame each get to host Duke in the coming week.
  4. North Carolina (17-4, 7-1).  47 points.  The Tar Heels survived a tough test against a game Syracuse team, before pulling away at the end.
  5. Louisville (16-3, 4-2).  45 points.  The Cardinals have not lost to an unranked team all year…which is a good sign for them and a bad sign for Boston College, who hosts them tomorrow.
  6. Miami (14-5, 4-2).  33 points.  With a win over Syracuse in the Carrier Dome, and losses to only Virginia and Notre Dame, Miami is easily the 6th team in this list.
  7. Syracuse (14-7, 5-3).  27 points.  The injury and NBA-ravaged Orange roster is performing valiantly and avoiding truly terrible losses, but just does not have the depth to land quality wins.
  8. North Carolina State (13-8, 4-4).  20 points.  The Wolfpack have no bad conference losses, but unlike Syracuse they do have the embarrassment of losing to Wofford on the overall resume.
  9. Pittsburgh (13-7, 3-4).  12 points.  With two games against Syracuse remaining, Pitt is in contention for being in the top 7 or 8 in the ACC.
  10. Clemson (11-8, 3-4).  10 points.  The Tigers have wins over Pitt and Syracuse at home, and have two games against NC State to also try to crack the top 7 or 8 of the ACC.

Florida State received two votes, while Virginia Tech received one~~as one confidential voter threw a bone to the football schools.

What do you think–do we have anyone over-ranked or under-ranked?

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One thought on “Confidential Correspondents’ Basketball Poll: January 27, 2015

  1. For the record I was not the one who threw those football schools a bone… My standing prediction is FSU will only get to 15 total wins on the season!

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