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Conferences Trading Schools: Very Hypothetical

A few weeks ago, we had some discussion regarding relegation and how the NCAA might look with relegation.   And yesterday we discussed the purely hypothetical–even absurdly hypothetical (but not openly hypothetical enough for a few folks to avoid getting their wookies bent)–circumstance of which school is each conference’s weakest link.  So let’s wrap things up with one final circumstance… suppose each of the ACC, Big 10, SEC, and Big XII could swap out one school for another school–which swap of non-elite schools (i.e. nobody is trading Penn State) would be most beneficial for each conference?

Let’s first consider a four team swap that would benefit all of the conferences.  How about this… Purdue to the Big XII, North Carolina State to the SEC, West Virginia to the ACC, and Vanderbilt to the Big 10.  While this is not the market share home run for the Big 10, Vanderbilt is an elite academic institution–more than worthy of joining the Big 10.  And it does add Tennessee–which is a potential future bridge to the Southeast markets.  Purdue is a good bit closer to the Big XII, albeit perhaps without the football cache of West Virginia.  The basketball pedigrees are similar.  The SEC would get its inroads into North Carolina, without costing the ACC any viewership and only history.  Meanwhile, West Virginia is a subpar academic institution, but certainly fits geographically within the ACC and adds some needed football oomph.

More interesting would be if each conference could protect all but two schools and then any other conference could pick at the leftovers—kind of like an expansion draft.  These are the presumed schools that would be left open for the taking:

Big 10: Purdue, Rutgers

ACC:  Wake Forest, Syracuse

SEC: Mississippi State, Missouri

Big XII: Iowa State, West Virginia

In this scenario, it depends on who goes first.  The Big 10 would probably pass, as it could have had Missouri or Syracuse at any time it wanted them.  The SEC similarly could have taken West Virginia over Missouri.  The Big XII had little need for any other school.  So that leaves the ACC to decide what to do, if anything.  Under the circumstances, swapping Wake Forest for West Virginia might be unpopular, but demanded by the football-heavy schools (i.e. Florida State).  So let’s make that assumption–the ACC takes West Virginia for Wake Forest.

This means that the Big XII now has to take one school to replace West Virginia.  In that circumstance, the most logical option would be Missouri, as it would add back a logical candidate.  But Missouri has already left once, so perhaps Purdue would make more sense as a less-reluctant member.

Now, with the Big 10 facing a hole, this gives Missouri its opening to join the Big 10.  Not a terrible fit and perhaps even an upgrade for the Big 10 in every aspect other than history.

The SEC now faces a hole that can only be filled by Iowa State and Wake Forest.  The SEC could take Wake Forest.  Under this scenario, the SEC would get a North Carolina school with good academics and hoops potential.  Still, the SEC would have to be the clear loser in all of this.

So, perhaps recognizing this potential, the SEC would not pass on making the first choice–and instead swap West Virginia for Missouri.  This would be better than losing Missouri for Wake Forest.  Then, with the Big XII facing a hole, it could take Missouri.  The ACC might then pass, as swapping Rutgers for Wake Forest would not add anything to football (or basketball) and not placate the football-centric schools.  The Big 10 would not have much interest in doing anything.

What do you think?  Can you think of any conference swaps that make sense?

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6 thoughts on “Conferences Trading Schools: Very Hypothetical

  1. If the ACC was willing to trade Wake Forest for West Virginia, I think they’d be just as willing to trade for Rutgers – hypothetically speaking, of course. In reality, the ACC will either sink or swim with the original cast intact (probably. maybe).

    • With an ACC Network, Rutgers. Without, West Virginia. I am sure that Florida State fans would be adamant about WVU though. And, frankly, they are the “dog” while the rest of the ACC is “tail” in the current economic, football-centric environment.

      • On the field comep then I would want WVU. Also their brand is fairly strong… also would help make inroads back into MD area (I lived up there for a time, and MD is full of WVU alumni). So in many ways beyond just onfield ability, WVU is a good pick up. The 3 big draw backs are their home state is not exactly a recruiting hotbed, their academics are bad, and most importantly their fans are a bit… ummm over the top ??? I am being nice.

        Rutgers also has a few potential pluses. It is a great option for a potential network, but it has something FSU football would like. Great recruiting grounds. NJ is actually a good area to find football talent. So it would not be a complete negative for FSU football to grab Rutgers, especially if a network happens as a result of its addition. FSU football would love to increase tv revenue to catch up to UF.

        As far as Wake… honestly their departure would be a gain in itself.

  2. hhuntley17 on said:

    I think any of these teams (with maybe the exception of Purdue) would be an upgrade over Wake Forest. There just isn’t any value in a fourth NC team especially when they are consistently so bad at both basketball and football.

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  4. david on said:

    As I wrote in an earlier post, The ACC and SEC should trade schools. Wake for Vandy. It’s a bit of a push. Both schools are academically prestigious and are basketball schools. It gets the SEC into North Carolina and the ACC into Tennesee. Vandy will get to play Louisville and Notre Dame, and Wake gets to be the only girl in town.

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