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NCAA Vacating Wins is Absurd

What do fans of other schools think? Does vacating wins EVER make sense???

Syracuse Confidential

The Confidential will NEVER understand the purpose of vacating wins. While the NCAA just granted some of Syracuse’s appeal, it kept the uber-stupid concept of a vacated win in place. 100+ of them, in fact. It is stupid when it happens to Joe Paterno and Penn State; it is stupid with Jim Boeheim and Syracuse. It is stupid with every program and every coach in every sport. The games were won, whether the NCAA likes it or not. Stop rewriting history.

Say you went to a Syracuse football game in 2005. You saw Syracuse pull of a victory. OK, bad example. Greg Robinson only won one game that year.

Take II. Say you went to a basketball game in 2008-2009. You saw Syracuse win. The Syracuse players beat their opponent. Nobody was getting paid to be on either team. Syracuse won, the opponent lost. Not any more! Turns out…

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