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Hello ACC Confidential world! Dean Olivieri here, my friends call me DeanO. I was born and raised in DaBurgh. Yinz know what I mean??  By now I’m sure you probably figured out which ACC team that I am going to blog about for The Confidential.  That’s right, PITT! I lived a good 21 years or so in Pittsburgh and enjoyed every bit of it. I’m currently living in Charlotte, NC where I have been living now for the past 15 years.  I’m probably showing my age here and more than likely the old man on the site.

As you could imagine I was ecstatic when I heard that PITT would be moving to the ACC. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the good old days and hard-nosed battles of the Big East but it’s very cool having PITT in the ACC.  Anyway my plan is to provide game summaries, player news, opinions, predictions, recruiting news and so on about PITT Panthers basketball and football.

I would like to thank the Commander for giving me a shot on his site to blog about Pitt hoops and football!


I hope you enjoy!! GO PITT!!

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