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2016 Syracuse Football–Are Any Prognosticators Optimistic?

The Confidential has already disclosed its over-under for Syracuse, placing it at 4.5 regular season wins.  Turns out, many are projecting Syracuse to win 3 or fewer games, and perhaps even finish last in the ACC Atlantic.  Well, for whatever its worth, Las Vegas used an over-under of 4 wins for Syracuse.  But, most of the feedback to the Confidential was that 4.5 regular season wins was a fair estimate given the new coaching staff, existing talent, and the typical overscheduling by the Orange.  But any prognosticators projecting Syracuse to go “over” the 4.5 regular season win total?  Did some research today.  Turns out there are some:

TodaysU predicts that the Orange will go 5-7, beating Colgate, South Florida, UConn, Wake Forest, and Boston College.

CollegeFootball News was more optimistic for the Orange, predicting 6-6.  They have Syracuse beating Colgate, South Florida, UConn, Wake Forest, Virginia Tech, and North Carolina State.

CampusInsiders, similarly, has Syracuse at 6-6 by beating Colgate, South Florida, UConn, Wake Forest, Virginia Tech, and North Carolina State.

Way back in January, Brent Axe predicted 5-7, with wins over Colgate, UConn, Wake Forest, Boston College, and NC State.

The NunesMagician blog also did some “fuzzy math” projections in January, coming up with 4.6 wins.  Hey, it’s “over” the 4.5 over-under!

SB Nation had a TON of analysis of the 2016 Orange football team, settling on 5.5 wins.  Definitely check out that article.

So… Syracuse fans… not everyone is doom and gloom.  There is some reason to not already look ahead to 2017 and instead see the very real possibility of a bowl game in 2016.

Did we miss anyone’s positive preview/projection?  What do you think?


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2 thoughts on “2016 Syracuse Football–Are Any Prognosticators Optimistic?

  1. Count me “in” as one of the more optimistic prognosticators. Syracuse arguably had the talent to go bowling last year, but they lost 2 games (UVA, Pitt) largely because of inexperience at head coach. Fortunately, HC Babers has significantly more experience at helm, and I’m optimistic that will convert 1 or 2 games from slipping from the W to L columns.

    My prediction: 6 wins (Colgate, USF, UConn, WtF, BC, NCSt).

  2. USF will be a tough game. UConn will be sky-high to play Syracuse. Colgate is a given, and I tend to think FSU, Clemson and Notre Dame are all losses, so it boils down to how many the Orange can win from this list: Louisville (home on a Friday night is a potential upset, IMO), @Wake Forest, Va Tech, @BC, NC State, @Pitt. 3 of those (for a total of 6) would be a very good first season for Babers, IMO.

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