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Not Much Time to Enter ACC Survivor Pool

The Confidential’s Survivor Pool is back for 2016!  2015 went down to the wire… see results here.  For 2016, we are back, continuing the double-elimination format!  Sign up today!

We are limiting this to the first 100 entrants.  Last year’s entrants were given a heads up to join.  Now opening this up to all ACC fans. 

Winner gets $50.00 via PayPal.  See the official rules here:

Pool ID Number: 115035
Pool Entry Code: n*rbaa

With thousands of ACC fans, sign up today!  Contest entry closes September 1, 2016 @ 1:00 p.m.!

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2 thoughts on “Not Much Time to Enter ACC Survivor Pool

  1. Brooks on said:

    Are you doing an ACC fantasy football contest again? That was fun but I’m sure it was a headache to administrate. Thanks for doing the survivor again!

    • Yeah, it was a lot of work. Actually, not that hard… just hard to always get it done in a timely fashion. Plus, ESPN does not give sufficient defensive stats, so I needed to look at two sources. What did you think about the win/loss format as an alternative to just the head-to-head win loss format most leagues use?

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