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The ACC School Mount Rushmores: North Carolina

Continuing with our Mount Rushmores… only two schools left.  Today, we will go with North Carolina.

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Thursday Poll: ACC Mt. Rushmore–Basketball Coaches

Yesterday, we shared our opinions regarding the Mount Rushmore of ACC Basketball Coaches.  Today, it is your turn.  Who would YOU put in the 4th spot?

The Mount Rushmore of the ACC: Basketball Coaches

The Confidential was pondering Mount Rushmore recently.  While it is debatable which four Presidents should be featured on Mount Rushmore, has there been a recent President that would make the short list of “should be on its”?  Probably not.  But that got me thinking about who would be on the Mount Rushmore of the ACC.  Of course, it is hard to compare apples and oranges, making the process difficult when dealing with players sticking around for 1-5 years and coaches that are around for 20+.  So we will have to do multiple mountains… starting with the ACC Mount Rushmore of Basketball Coaches.

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