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ICYMI: 40 Years of Big 10 vs ACC

Here are a few tweets that you may have missed regarding the Big 10 and ACC:

ACC Fun Fact. Exclude Neb, PSU, Miami, and FSU. Clemson/Ga Tech have 1.5 national championships since 1975, OSU and Michigan: 1.5.

Yes, Clemson and Georgia Tech have as many national championships as Michigan and Ohio State in the past 40 years.  Think about that.

And given that FSU has 3 national championships while a member of the ACC, that is a 4.5 to 1.5 edge for the ACC over the Big 10.

And that excludes the ACC’s best team–Florida State–who has 3 of their own.

And if you want to count current ACC/B1G members, Big 10 gets 4.5 for PSU/Nebraska (6 total). ACC gets 5 for Pitt/Miami (9.5) total.

So the Big 10 was wise to go buy a few programs that have actually won a national championship or two.  But the ACC’s additions of Pitt/Miami gets another 4.5 (did not realize split title for Miami).  Errata!  Errata!  Anyway, that is still a 9-6 edge for the ACC.

Upon further review, do you still think the Big 10 is a better football conference than the ACC?  If so, why?

And let’s not forget Notre Dame… ha ha ha.

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