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The ACC’s 8 vs 9 Conference Game Debate

The latest debate in college football is whether the conferences should have 8 conference games or 9 conference games.  Moving forward, the ACC and SEC will have 8 game schedules, while the Big-XII, Pac-12, and B1G will have 9 games.  The ACC and BIG have even talked about allowing non-conference games against conference opponents.  There is much hand-wringing over the ACC-SEC staying at 8 games, but those conferences uniquely have four rivalry games between the two conferences that must be played every year.  And the ACC has the 5-game Notre Dame scheduling issue to worth through.  But there is an easy solution.

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Proposed Basketball Scheduling for ACC: Updated

Update: With Credit to Bleedinorange44, and some further analysis by the author, here is a revised version!

With the outstanding ratings being drawn by Syracuse-Duke, the question that begs is whether the ACC can configure the schedule to allow Duke-Syracuse to play annually, without interfering with other obligations and rivalries.  The  Confidential has a proposal.

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Poll: ACC Future Football Scheduling

What do YOU think about the future football scheduling for the ACC?  Give us your opinion.


Click through for explanations of the poll options.

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More on ACC Scheduling

Frank the Tank has an article discussing the Big 10’s scheduling options moving forward–especially if the ACC’s move to allow conference autonomy to determine a champion succeeds.  At the same time, ESPN is reporting that the ACC and SEC have had discussions about a scheduling concept of some sort, which would feature even more SEC v ACC games.  All of this got the Confidential thinking about scheduling options.  Here is an idea:

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ACC Scheduling Announced

The Atlantic Coast Conference has issued its scheduling decisions.  In a disappointment to the Confidential, the ACC has eschewed the potential for a logical North-South split in football.  Instead, Syracuse will be placed in the Atlantic and Pittsburgh will be placed in the Coastal.

This means the following divisions will apply to football:


  • Clemson
  • Florida State
  • Wake Forest
  • NC State
  • Boston College
  • Maryland
  • Syracuse


  • Virginia Tech
  • Georgia Tech
  • Miami
  • Duke
  • North Carolina
  • Virginia
  • Pittsburgh

The league further announced as follows: “When Pitt and Syracuse join the ACC, the league will play a nine-game conference schedule. The format will consist of each team playing all six in its division each year, plus its primary crossover partner each year and two rotating opponents from the opposite division. This six-year cycle allows each team to play each divisional opponent and its primary crossover partner six times (three home and three away) while also playing each rotating crossover opponent two times (one home and one away).”

For basketball, the ACC will stick with one large division and move to an 18-game schedule:

When Pitt and Syracuse join, each school will have one primary partner (Boston College and Syracuse; Clemson and Georgia Tech; Duke and North Carolina; Florida State and Miami; Maryland and Pitt; NC State and Wake Forest; Virginia and Virginia Tech).

The scheduling model will be based on a three-year cycle during which teams will play every league opponent at least once with the primary partners playing home and away annually while the other 12 rotate in groups of four: one year both home and away; one year at home only; and one year away only. Over the course of the three-year cycle primary partners play a total of six times and all other conference opponents play four times.

The basketball plan certainly makes sense.




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