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This Day in ACC History: 11 Years Ago (Virginia @ Clemson)

Today, in another installment of This Day in ACC History, the Confidential takes a look at a regular season game between the Virginia Cavaliers and Clemson Tigers on January 27, 2001, a mere 11 years ago.

On January 27, 2001, Virginia took a 2-4 conference record into Clemson expecting to right the ship against the last-place Tigers.  The game was notable because it was the 100th game between the two teams.  And Virginia won in style, setting a record for the largest margin of victory in a game at Clemson, 104-76.

The Wahoos were able to win notwithstanding the efforts of Clemson Freshman Chris Hobbs.  Hobbs, a forward, led Clemson with 28 points and 9 rebounds.  He converted 10 of his 13 shots from the floor, while making 8 of 9 free throws.  Another Freshman, guard Tony Stockman, led Clemson with 5 assists.  Stockman added 13 points.  The leading scorer on the season, Junior Will Solomon, was held to 10 points, well below his season average of approximately 18 points per game.  Instead, it was Hobbs’ night, as he provided his best performance of the season.

Virginia jumped up to a 19 point halftime lead and largely coasted in the second half.  But four different players scored 17 or more points.  Junior Chris Williams led Virginia with 22 points, with the other three scoring leaders being Senior Donald Hand (20), Sophomore Travis Watson (18), and Junior Adam Hall (17).  Hall contributed 12 rebounds, while Hand added 9 assists.  Williams was the team’s leading scorer on the season in conference play, averaging 15.4 points per game.  However, on the season as a whole, Virginia was led by Sophomore Roger Mason and his 15.7 points per game.

Clemson would end the season with a disappointing 12-19 record.  Virginia went 20-9, with the season ending in a first-round loss to Gonzaga in the Big Dance.

Do you remember this game?  Please feel free to share any details…

Virginia's Chris Williams led a quartet of high scorers as Virginia dominated Clemson, 104-76. Image courtesy of

This Day in History is a feature that relies heavily on information obtained from Atlantic Coast Conference Men’s Basketball Games, Michael O’ Hara, McFarland & Company, Inc. (2008).  Special thanks to that fine publication.

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