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The Orange Bowl Tie-In: An ACC Cash Cow Now

For several years now, the Atlantic Coast Conference and the Orange Bowl have had an official tie-in.  That relationship to continue for the near future, as the ACC and the Orange Bowl have reached a 12-year deal, which will carry the relationship through 2026.  While that news is great, the outstanding news is that the ACC also has the right to market the TV revenue from the Orange Bowl:

Sources told Schad that the ACC will negotiate and sell the Orange Bowl TV rights and plans to keep at least 50 percent of the revenue. Whatever network gets the Orange Bowl will get to broadcast it, even when it’s a semifinal.

Thus, not only is the new deal great for ensuring that the ACC will remain at the big boys’ table, it is also a financial cash cow.

Just imagine the ratings and revenue resulting from a Florida State-Notre Dame Orange Bowl.  Or, when the Orange Bowl hosts a semifinal, it will feature two of the top 4 teams in the country.  Again, this is a huge “get” for the ACC leadership.

The Orange Bowl remains the logical landing spot for ACC schools due to its location.  Now it will contribute money even when an ACC school is not playing in the game.


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3 thoughts on “The Orange Bowl Tie-In: An ACC Cash Cow Now

  1. What a Money Cow indeed! I am sure the TV networks are going to their banks right now to see how many billions of dollars they can use to get the Orange Bowl (without the Final Four semi-finals) with the ACC champion vs. a 4th or 5th place team from one of the MAJOR conferences. And they even get to have this game shown to the nation at 1 PM on New Year’s Day (10 AM on West Coast)!! Swofford you are the MAN!!

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