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Louisville to ACC, According to Sources

As an update to yesterday’s report, ESPN is now reporting that the ACC voted to add Louisville.  If true, this is a great move for many reasons, such as:

  • It likely makes Florida State happy and shows a break away from the North Carolina/Virginia monopoly on decisions (whether real or perceived).
  • Louisville has strong (pun intended) football and basketball programs.  Rick Pitino joins Coach K, Roy Williams, and Jim Boeheim in the ACC.  Heck, maybe Jim Boeheim will even say that he likes this move?
  • Louisville is improving academically.  Probably.  Hopefully.  Maybe.  Doubtfully.  Who cares?  This is not just about academics anymore.
  • It likely makes Florida State happy.
  • Importantly, Louisville was desired by the Big XII, whereas UConn was not.  There is more urgency to add a team needed by the Big XII.  UConn should be there if/when the ACC needs to expand again.
  • All the other reasons mentioned in the ESPN article.  Indeed, that article almost looks like the ACC wrote it, doesn’t it?  ESPN cares about its investment in the ACC.
  • It likely makes Florida State happy.

West Virginia fans will not be couch burning mad over this, but they certainly will not be couch burning happy.  Perhaps will see some ottomans lit on fire due to the hypocrisy of rejecting WVU because of academics, but then taking Louisville.

The Confidential feels sorry for Cincinnati, UConn, USF, and to a lesser extent Navy.  These schools submitted applications to the ACC, but were not accepted.  Yet.  Again, conference realignment is far from over.  So these schools should avoid despair.

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2 thoughts on “Louisville to ACC, According to Sources

  1. Vinnie Saltine on said:

    “The addition of Louisville will not affect the ACC’s new media rights deal. When the ACC added Notre Dame in all sports but football in September, sources told ESPN the ACC’s media rights deal was expected to increase to about $18 million annually.”

    That section bothers me…if the ACC sees adding L’Ville as a wash to losing Maryland, without using the opportunity to modify the media rights deal to increase the payout (or somehow further satisfy FSU) then there is no stability in the ACC. If anything, adding L’Ville is an improvement in both f’ball and basketball, and although the ACC will lose market share in the Baltimore/DC area, they pick up a new albeit smaller market in Kentucky.

    Unless the courts uphold the $50M exit fee…which even then I’m not sure would prevent FSU or Clemson to the Big XII…which then would open the doors for UConn and Navy…and the ACC officially becomes the Big East.

  2. Vinnie Saltine on said:

    On the other hand, this is could be good news for Marshall or Tulsa…unless the Big East sets their sights west for Fresno St. or Nevada.

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