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Saturday Morning Orange Juice – Ryan Nassib and Lax

The fall of Ryan Nassib is quite surprising based on all the post season hype and Doug Marrone’s departure to Buffalo.  I think most Orange followers, if asked where you think Nassib might go during the season, would have probably said somewhere in the middle rounds.  It wasn’t until afterwards that his stock shot up, mostly due to the intangibiles.  It seemed almost too obvious that Dougie would pick the QB that got him the Bills job.  This is just another reminder about things being strictly business.  Marrone showed business first acument when ditching his dream job at his alma mater.  Skipping the QB who helped him seems like a locial next step for Marrone.  I think Nassib will be better off somewhere where he is not directly linked to Marrone anyway and it will be better for him in the long run.  Here’s hoping he gets the call early this morning from KC, Philly, or Jax – all places he will have a chance to compete right away.

I will be at the Big City Classic at MetLife Stadium (Giants Stadium).  Cornell and Princeton face off first and then future ACC opponents #1 Notre Dame vs. #7 Syracuse at 6:30 p.m.  The Orange have had multiple close games all season and the outcome will have an impact on the Big East and NCAA Tournaments.  Obviously more at stake today for the Orange and the hope is the goaltending situation stabilizes as the postseason begins.  Should be a great evening of lacrosse capped by a great Big East/future ACC matchup.

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2 thoughts on “Saturday Morning Orange Juice – Ryan Nassib and Lax

  1. Big ACC lacrosse championship between UNC and UVA on Sunday too…should be a great league next year

  2. Ryan Nassib to Giants! A great spot for him to go and develop without the pressure of having to start right away for a lesser team. Also, not a bad time to groom someone for 4-5 years down the road with Eli being 32.

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