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OK, that was a stretch.  But it was an attempt to demonstrate how much exposure the ACC is getting on these days.  It seems like ESPN is going out of its way to lead with articles touching on ACC teams.  Or SEC teams.  In any event, ESPN is certainly promoting its partners.

Just look at the top half of the college football articles on at 7:52 pm EST:

  • Notre Dame eyes additions to football stadium
  • NCAA suspends rule change on unlimited texts
  • SEC Network set for ’14; ESPN extends deal
  • Pinstripe, Gator likely for ACC, source says
  • FBS schools spending more than they make
  • Kelly: Notre Dame in Texas attracts recruits

That is ACC, general, SEC, ACC, general, and ACC.  And Louisville, soon to be an ACC team, is featured in the main article on the page.

How about college hoops?

  • Parker signs letter of intent to play at Duke
  • Rodriguez transfers from K-State to Miami
  • Iowa to play in Bahamas instead of Alaska
  • Rutgers lands first recruit since Rice’s firing
  • Chol leaving Arizona after sophomore season
  • SEC Network set for ’14; ESPN extends deal

That is ACC, ACC, B1G, B1G, Pac-12, and SEC.  A lot of ACC and SEC.

It will be interesting to see if this becomes an increasing trend.  ESPN may not be making the ACC filthy rich, but the exposure is really unparalleled.  One way to create demand for an ACC Network is to make sure that people are continuously interested in the ACC.  Off to a good start.


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