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Current and Future members of the ACC were well-represented at the Sunday selection show for the NCAA Men’s Lacrosse tournament, as 5 of the 16 teams in this year’s tourney can lay claims to the ACC.

The #1 Overall seed, Syracuse, will officially join the ACC in just a few short weeks, and will be sure to bring the Big East Championship trophy (the fourth in as many years) with them to the eastern seaboard.

Despite losing to Syracuse in the Big East Tournament Semis, Notre Dame claimed the #2 overall seed and was closely followed by ACC Champion, North Carolina (#5), Big Ten-bound Maryland (#6), and Duke (#7).  The tournament match-ups are after the jump.


(1) Syracuse // Bryant (Northeast) (Sunday @7:30)
(8) Penn State // Yale (Ivy) (Saturday @2:30)

(5) North Carolina // Lehigh (Patriot) (Saturday @Noon)
(4) Denver // Albany (America East) (Saturday @7:30)

(3) Ohio State (ECAC) // Towson (CAA) (Sunday @3:00)
(6) Maryland // Cornell (Sunday @1:00)

(7) Duke // Loyola (Sunday @5:15)
(2) Notre Dame // Detroit (MAAC) (Saturday @5:00)

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3 thoughts on “L-ACC-rosse

  1. tjcuseacc on said:

    Sorry for similar article – didn’t realize after! Maybe time to expand the tournament in about four or five years since more schools are picking up the sport?

  2. The LAX teams are going to be very strong for the ACC. It is going to be a tough league to get through and believe the next several years will see 4-5 teams making it into the May March (presuming the ACC teams don’t eat each other and cause average records against very good teams).
    Importantly, LAX which is the fastest growing collegiate sport a good shot and bringing additional viewership to an ACC Network. What I also see as a big positive for ACC viewership is the increasing demographic of Hispanic speaking people….soccer. The ACC footprint is going to be dead on this fastest growing demographic in the USA…and sports that attract this culture will bring added “eyeballs” to the ACC Network.

  3. Stephen, the state of Kentucky can help with the Hispanic viewership. Ky actually has one of the largest Hispanic population in America, primarily due to the horse industry.

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