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Who Has Basketball’s Best Fan Base?

There are a lot of college basketball fans out there. There is no denying that Duke, North Carolina and Kentucky have large and crazy fan bases–but who has the best? There are several ways you can attempt to answer this question and not be wrong.

The Emory Sports Marketing Analytics released their top 10 list based on “fan equity.”  Number one on their list may come as a surprise to some, but not me, is Louisville. The ACC unsurprisingly leads the list with four teams in the top ten. Duke is third, North Carolina is fifth and Syracuse is eighth. What are your thoughts on the list?


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2 thoughts on “Who Has Basketball’s Best Fan Base?

  1. Not a surprise at all. The ACC is all about basketball. The additions of Louisville and Syracuse make perfect sense. But think about it–where would the ACC be without those schools? For all the complaints about Swofford, the ACC would be lost without its numerous additions from the Big East.

  2. I like how Arkansas is ranked ahead of Kentucky, lol.

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