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Two Man QB Race for Syracuse

The muddled Syracuse QB race is down to Oklahoma transfer Drew Allen and redshirt sophomore Terrel Hunt. Fifth Year Senior Charley Loeb has been relegated to the third spot now. Almost all fans expect Drew Allen to win the job but all accounts are that Hunt has been impressive. As fans, we can only want the better QB to actually win the job, but with the excitement of the move to the ACC, having an Oklahoma transfer become the starting QB would add some excitement to the program. With only 20 days to go before the Syracuse opener against Penn State, fans are anxiously awaiting a decision.

One minor news note that may evolve into something down the road is the transfer of QB Troy Green from UCF. Green is the son of Syracuse legend Tim Green. Green said his son will have more opportunity down the road at Syracuse to play than at UCF. Could be interesting next year.

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