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Allen Iverson to Retire from the NBA? How is this news?

If you have not done something in several years, there is really no reason to tell people that you are not doing it anymore.  But not Allen Iverson.  He is set to announce his retirement from the NBA “soon.”  Of course, Iverson is not on an NBA team.  Nor was he last year.  Or the year before.  Or even the year before THAT.  And, really, he only played 85 games over the two seasons preceding that.  In any event, this writer has played in as many NBA games as Allen Iverson since this day in 2010.  So I guess I should announce my retirement. Anyway, look for Iverson to finally get around to retiring four years after his last NBA game.  Exciting.

ACC Nation has a few overdue announcements to make…

It would probably be a good idea if Maryland just went ahead and announced that, while they will always love the ACC, they really have not been “in love” with the ACC for some time.  Look, the ACC gets it.  We understand that Maryland is moving on.  It is clear that Maryland felt taken for granted and underappreciated for years.  And then along came the Big 10 with its flashy sports car… and well…. the rest if history.  But shouldn’t Maryland give us the rather standard “break up” line?  Can’t we get some closure though?  We had some good times, didn’t we?

In the same realignment spirit, John Swofford might want to announce that the ACC has declared war on the Big East.  There was writing on the wall when the ACC plucked Miami and Virginia Tech.  But then the ACC reached over the lawsuit “v” and grabbed Boston College.  You did not need to be Sherlock Holmes to suspect that the ACC was trying to kill the Big East when it returned several years later and snagged historical football powers Pittsburgh and Syracuse.  But at least the Big East had Notre Dame.  Until it didn’t… as the ACC snagged the Fighting Irish too.  Finally, with the Big East staggering and losing blood, Swofford plucked away Louisville as the younger, hotter trophy wife to replace Maryland (the Bette Midler of the ACC)… leaving the Big East corpse for the vultures.  Yeah, the War may be over, but Swofford should go ahead and let us know the obvious–he started one.  Eat or be eaten.

What do you think?  Is it absurd for people to announce retirements long after becoming irrelevant?  What other ACC announce should be made?

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One thought on “Allen Iverson to Retire from the NBA? How is this news?

  1. I guess being called a younger, hotter trophy wife is better then being called “little brother”, lol. I guess that I could announce that I am not a mildcats fan but I am a Cardinal fan. I’ve considered making this announcement a few decades ago, about as long as Iverson has been retired.

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