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Lane Kiffin Fired at USC

ESPN is reporting that Lane Kiffin was fired this morning upon the team’s arrival back in LA after the loss to Arizona State last night. While I tend to be sympathetic to anyone losing a job, Kiffin is not one to feel sorry for. This guy has no credibility from his demeanor and disastrous stints with the Raiders and the Vols. It is obvious that the scholarship reductions hurt him, but his attitude probably did him in. He milked his father’s connections and people were foolish enough to buy his sales pitches. This will obviously be a sought after job as Kiffin winds up being a QB coach on an NFL staff next year. While Bill O’Brien has been the role model at Penn St. for how to handle these situations, Kiffin has been the antithesis. ESPN called Kiffin the Miley Cyrus of coaching – great line.

On another front, Syracuse gets their first official ACC game on Saturday against Clemson – rough way to be welcomed into the conference – but great to start the schedule.

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7 thoughts on “Lane Kiffin Fired at USC

  1. M. Caffrey on said:

    Todd Graham will be texting his players that he’s leaving in 3…2…1…

  2. M. Caffrey on said:

    As for Syracuse vs. Clemson…. is it still considered an Orange Out if both Syracuse and Clemson fans all wear orange?

  3. tjcuseacc on said:

    The Syracuse Orange is a different shade. Hate to admit it but the Clemson orange is better, as is the Tennessee orange.

  4. tjcuseacc on said:

    I keep hearing that Ed Orgeron will take over at USC. A former SU assistant (briefly) and Ole Miss HC. Interesting if he gets the temporary gig to see if he is more successful than at Ole Miss.

  5. UConn fired their coach as well. The coaching carousel is starting to spin? The Texas job will be the big one to watch. As for now, I will put my money on Petrino or Schiano at USC next season. On a side note, I like Syracuse orange.

  6. tjcuseacc on said:

    Sad to see Pasqualoni and Deleone let go at UConn today. They were underappreciated at Syracuse and most people didn’t realize how good it was until GRob came into town. I attended many of their coaching clinics when I was coaching high school.

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