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The Confidential ACC Football Top 10 Poll: Week 8

We are well into October now… and the Florida State-Clemson game settled the rankings at the top.  It is still guesswork from #2 to #10 though.  So how do the ACC teams stack up according to the Confidential correspondents?  Well, here is the Confidential Correspondents Football top 10 Poll for Week 7.  Remember, we include Notre Dame and Louisville.  This year, we’ll start with team number 10 and work our way to #1.

10. Boston College (3-3), 9 points.  The Eagles have been a great story in the ACC.  With losses to Florida State, Clemson, and Southern Cal, it’s not like Boston College has been upset.  And the Eagles were competitive in two of those games.  And with five games remaining, is any game other than Virginia Tech NOT a potential win?  Setting up nicely.  Next up: @ North Carolina.

8 (tie). Georgia Tech (4-3), 14 points. The Yellow Jackets needed a win.  The Yellow Jackets got a win.  By defeating Syracuse 56-0, they deserved more than a win really.  Utter domination.  But they still need three more wins to get to bowl eligibility.  With Clemson and Georgia on the schedule, games against Pittsburgh and Virginia are must-wins.  Next up: @ Virginia.

8 (tie). Pittsburgh (4-2), 14 points.  The Panthers have four wins in six games, but bowl eligibility is not a sure thing.  Look at the remaining schedule: @ Navy, @ Georgia Tech, Notre Dame, North Carolina, @ Syracuse, and Miami.  Pitt could win anywhere from 0 to 5 games during this stretch.  Next up: @ Navy.

7. Duke (5-2), 15 points.  At 5-2, Duke is one win away from bowl eligibility.  Virginia Tech and Miami seem like losses.  But the Tobacco Road round robin through NC State, North Carolina, and Wake Forest could lead to a sweep.  But North Carolina and Wake Forest are looking better than a few weeks ago.  Next up: @ Virginia Tech.

6. Notre Dame (5-2), 34 points.  The Fighting Irish may not have looked great, but they got the all-important “W” in their rivalry game with USC.  The next game against a ranked opponent is the last one: Stanford.  In between are several games that will be interesting: Air Force, Navy, Pitt, and Brigham Young.  Next up: @ Air Force.

5. Louisville (6-1), 36 points.  The Cardinals were dropped to 5th heading into this weekend’s game with Central Florida.  Even though Louisville lost, they were already downgraded.  In essence, they were a stock that people were selling on the rumor and the fact of the Central Florida loss surprised few.  They are having a good season, but “disappointment” will be the end result.  It is what it is.  Next up: @ South Florida.

4. Virginia Tech (6-1), 43 points.  The Hokies are 6-1 and bowl eligible.  With Va Tech and Miami in one division, and Florida State and Clemson in the other, the ACC has four very good teams anchoring the conference.  And the Virginia Tech-Miami showdown will be big.  First things first though.  Next up: Duke.

3. Clemson (6-1), 48 points.  The Tigers were flat against Florida State and suffered a very tough defeat.  Of course, not the worst defeat for Mr. Swinney in a prime time affair (Cough! West Virginia! Cough!).  But it is important for Clemson to regroup and keep the season’s goals in place.  If Clemson can win out, they may just qualify for a BCS bowl anyway.  Next up: @ Maryland.

2. Miami (6-0), 49 points/1 first place vote. Miami got to bowl eligibility by beating North Carolina in a Thursday night tilt.  It was closer than desired.  But it got the Hurricanes to bowl eligibility.  And with the NCAA not extending any sort of bowl ban, Miami will be bowling this year.  See how that works Ohio State?  Next up: Wake Forest.

1. Florida State (6-0), 59 points/5 first place votes.  Florida State is kinda good.  Eh?   Clemson is a very good team.  And Florida State dominated them.  On the road.  In an incredible atmosphere.  Jameis Winston is the real deal.  But the Seminoles are the real deal.   Next up: North Carolina State.

Others receiving votes: Maryland 7, Wake Forest 1.  No other teams received votes.

What do YOU think????

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One thought on “The Confidential ACC Football Top 10 Poll: Week 8

  1. Granted I wasnt able to watch a lot of football this past weekend but am I the only one who saw Miami’s seemingly 1000 turnovers against N Carolina Thursday night?

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