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Fant-A.C.C. Final: It’s Lenville’s World…We Just Live In It

The Louisville Cardinals have had a pretty good year.  Acceptance to the ACC, a BCS bowl appearance, and a basketball national championship.  But the Confidential’s very own Lenville has it even better… he gets to be a Louisville fan AND he won his second consecutive contest–this time winning the FANT-A.C.C. football challenge for 2013.  The co-winners were Lenville and SUATO92.

Although the Confidential neglected to award the winner prior to last week’s Championship games (as intended), the final week is being disregarded.  Really, it is not outcome determinative because there was a tie going into Championship weekend and a tie coming out.  Congrats to Lenville and SUATO92 for sharing the title honors.  Each missed only one game all year.

In all our praise for Louisville, Syracuse has had a good year two.  Presumably, SUATO92 is a Syracuse fan.  Two bowls, a basketball final four, and a lacrosse championship game appearance is not too shabby at all.  And they are now a full-fledged member of the ACC.

In any event, congrats to Lenville and SUATO92.  We will contact you regarding your prize.

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3 thoughts on “Fant-A.C.C. Final: It’s Lenville’s World…We Just Live In It

  1. SUATO92 on said:

    Yes I am an Syracuse alum/mega fan. It has been a great year for SU and really it’s been awesome to be in the ACC!

  2. There is plenty of room on my world for all of my ACC friends. Comgrats to Syracuse for all of your success & especialy for already being in the ACC, it is all well earned.

  3. M. Caffrey on said:


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