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ACC TwitterBag, December 15, 2013

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.

If you have any questions for the Confidential, don’t bother emailing… follow us on Twitter @ acconfi and send a direct message there.  Or leave us an answer here in the comments section for the next rundown.  If you insist on emailing, sending it to  If it is a good one (or there are only a few), we’ll answer it here.  Let us know how you want to be described (anonymously, etc.).

Now… onto the mailbag…errr… twitterbag.  The names have been changed to protect the innocent.

The Confidential Questions Itself:  How could you be so wrong in your predication that the ACC would not put a team in the BCS Championship Game?

The Confidential:  Yes, you (us) are correct.  Not only did the Confidential say that in October, we thought it was Clemson that was the most complete team.  Unfortunately, we underestimated two things–Jameis Winston and the Seminole defense.  The latter lost so many players to the NFL, we just did not see them dominating 13 straight games.  We’ll be rooting for a Seminole victory obviously, but that Auburn offense will be a great final test.  If FSU wins it all, it will be well-deserved.

“Bubba,” a North Carolina State fan: How impressive is it that the ACC placed eleven bowl teams this year?

The Confidential:  The eleven teams is impressive enough (out of 14), but keep in mind that with Louisville and Notre Dame (and even subtracting Maryland), it is 12 out of 15.  But more than the sheer numbers, it is the placement of Clemson and Florida State into BCS bowls that will define the ACC’s season.  Any conference of 15 teams will place at least half of those teams in bowls.  How they do in the top-level bowls is what people remember.  Until the ACC improves on its BCS-bowl performance, there are no bragging rights to be conceived of.  Still, who is not excited to add Louisville to replace Maryland next year???    

“Dave,” a Louisville fan: We are nervous about Charlie Strong and the Texas job.  Is that justified?  Is anyone else in the ACC worried about their coach?

The Confidential:  Yes, you should be a little worried.  Charlie Strong is a good coach and will be in consideration for most top jobs.  However, this year was actually a step back for him.  He had a team and QB and schedule that was primed for a 12-0 season and fell short.  An athletic director at a Texas is going to wonder how well that will play with a fan base that has expectations of 13-0 every year.  If this Louisville team could not run the table because of Central Florida, how will Strong do with a schedule that has Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, etc., every year.  And so on.  Nothing is impossible, but Strong is probably fairly safe.

As for the rest of the ACC’s coaches, Jimbo Fisher is the obvious candidate of note.  Sure, he just signed an extension.  But Texas has resources that dwarf anyone in college football.  Anyone.  Even Ohio State and Michigan.  Until the next Texas coach is introduced at a press conference, FSU and ACC fans have to be a little nervous.

Looking around the rest of the ACC, there is nobody else that is worthy of consideration.  The only other programs that have the fish bowl nature of Texas are Clemson, Miami, Georgia Tech, and Virginia Tech.  And with all due respect to the coaches of those schools, the Confidential is just not seeing them as Plan A or Plan D or Plan F for Texas.  If it comes to that, it will be quite a surprise.  Al Golden would be the top of that list, FYI.    

That’s all for this week.  Keep the questions coming.  If you disagree, share your answer below.  Heck, if you agree, share your answer below!         

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2 thoughts on “ACC TwitterBag, December 15, 2013

  1. I am more worried about Strong to Florida next year than I am about Texas this year. I dont see Strong being on Texas short list. They are aiming higher with their resources and will be going after NFL coaches like Philadelphia’s Kelly. Or a proven college guy in Texas like Sumlin at A&M or Baylor. IMO, if Strong leaves Louisville it will be to a top tier SEC job. With Saban & Muscamp staying p

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