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Texas Strong?

It seems that every time I start to write about this something changes and rewrites the story. The media has mentioned Texas and Louisville HC Charlie Strong together a lot lately. First it was Vegas naming Strong as the odds on favorite to replace retirink Mack Brown. Since the two dont seem like a logical pairing many disregarded it. Sometimes though the illogical turns out to be the most logical. This story has grown many legs.

This week the media erupted with the news that Strong interviewed for the Texas job and that his hiring was eminent. Then word came that Texas wanted to interview Briles of Baylor. Next it was UCLA’s Mora. Today Briles and Mora have withdrawn their names after originaly saying that they would accept the job if offered. With Saban, Fisher, Franklin, Strong, Dantonio, Briles and Mora all being linked to the job at some point in time, its hard to figure what Texas is doing. Its been quite a

I personaly do not see Strong as a good fit for the Texas job. He is a football coach who wants to coach his team. At Texas you need to be a CEO and a football coach is further down the list.

As it seems right now, Franklin and Strong are the front runners for the Texas job. Franklin is also up for the Penn St job, along with Miamis Golden. The longer this story goes the least likely it seems that Strong will be on the Cardinals sideline next season.

Here is a scenario. Franklin gets the Texas job, Golden goes to Penn St and then Strong to Miami. There are more scenarios that put Strong on another sideline then keeps him in Louisville.

Strong blasted Louisville fans before turning down the Tennessee job. He complained about fans not being in their seats at kickoff, low turnouts for Cardmarch and at senior day. Despite having a105 SOS the Cards soldout every game  and the fans have traveled well to the bowl games the last to years. Despite Louisville being one of the few programs to show an increase in attendance, Strong still seems to be disappointed with the fan support. To me this a a major load of BS! Players have now began to throw out Strongs fans complaints today.

Hay Charlie, Jurich is talking about expanding the recently expanded 55k seat football stadium. All of the things that you are complaining about will be fixed with the move to the ACC.

With Strongs seemingly eminent departure, who may be on the Cards sideline next season? The more popular answer may come as a surprise, Bobby Petrino. He is available and has had success here before. The question is has he and Jurich mended their fences from their nasty split. Rest assured however that Jurich already has a short list made out and he will have more and better options then ever before.

Coach Strong if you dont appreciate what you have here in Louisville then dont let the door hit you on the way out. Thanks for all you have done in your four years at Louisville.

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12 thoughts on “Texas Strong?

  1. With Miami Golden now with the offer to coach Penn St another road out of Louisville opens for Strong. I give Strong a 10% chance at being back at U of L next season. It could be the Cards vs the Strong lead Canes to open next season.

    This is heating up, follow me on Twitter for the updates.

  2. One thing that should be noted is that Strong has a $4.7 million buy out on his contract & he is the 8th highest paid coach in college football. Can Miami afford that? With that money & with the ACC $ starting next season Jurich could afford to go after some top coaches himself.

  3. M. Caffrey on said:

    I do think Strong is as good as gone. Orangebloods is now reporting that the Texas job will either be Strong or Franklin.

    If Franklin goes to Texas, then PSU is all but guaranteed to hire Golden which opens up the spot at MIami.

    However, I’m not 100% convinced that Miami would hire Strong. The U may want to go with someone like Schiano or possibly even George O’Leary.

    • Golden to Penn State

      Schiano to Miami

      Strong to Texas

      Who will Louisville get? For all those that persuaded me that Jurich belonged on the Louisville Mount Rushmore,, Jurich needs to make a good move here to keep the momentum going. Who are the candidates?

      • M. Caffrey on said:

        The biggest coup in that scenario would be if L’Ville could get Franklin from Vanderbilt.

        It’s not entirely impossible considering that the SEC is so freaking top heavy that Vandy will likely never get a chance to compete for National Championship. However in the ACC, with L’Ville’s resources, that becomes much more plausible. Trading Strong for Franklin could actually be an improvement for the Cardinals.

        • Agreed. Franklin isnt rumored to be on Jurich short list though, for whatever reason. I would love that hire.

        • M. Caffrey on said:

          Franklin is likely not considered a viable candidate because to many it would seem like a lateral move at best, and a step backward at worst.

          My guess is that Franklin wants to be at a Football King (Texas, PSU, Miami?) and Louisville just isn’t there yet.

  4. M. Caffrey on said:

    Multiple sources are reporting that Texas is hiring Strong, and that he is going to have a Saturday morning staff meeting.

    • Staff meeting over, still no decision from Strong. There appears to be a stumbling block in the way. My guess its Clint Hurt show cause penalty.

      Jurich is tight liped about his short lists. Petrino & Schiano may be on it.

  5. Adam Rowe is reporting that UL has contaced Duke about Cutcliffe.

  6. With all due respect to Head Coach Strong, but I believe he has made a big mistake. From everything I’ve read about the HC position at Texas, it seems more like a media circus + political infighting + coaching football all in one. I understsnd the allure of wanting to land for such a powerful job, but its a trap. At U of L, he walked on water, at UT he better beat Oklahoma and at least Baylor & Texas Tech every year or he will find out how quickly that job can turn into a nightmare. Least I forget, it will be expected that he will get Texas back into the NC game by his 3rd – 4th year or the knives will come out quickly and be placed in his back. I hope for his sake, he knows what he is doing. Good luck to him and best of luck to U of L on getting another excellent coach.

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