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Dear ACC: Get to Know Tyler Ennis (While You Still Can)

Syracuse has had many good freshman players.  Pearl Washington helped convert Syracuse from a regional power into a national power.  Derrick Coleman took Syracuse to the Championship Game.  Carmelo Anthony and Gerry McNamara won a national title.  Make way Syracuse fans… Tyler Ennis is in that elite company now.  In fact, the ACC should be taking notice.

In case you have been under a rock, this is how the Pitt-Syracuse game ended last night:

If you watched the game, like the Confidential did, Pitt deserved to win.  The Zoo was maniacal.  Lamar Patterson was typically dangerous with the ball.  Pitt outrebounded, outhustled, and went toe-to-toe with Syracuse from a defensive standpoint, keeping Syracuse’s stars in check for most of the game.  Pitt deserved to win.

But Pitt did not win.  It did not win because this particular Syracuse team has players that make just enough plays to get the win.  CJ Fair was big in the final two minutes and Tyler Ennis was even bigger.  The end result was a loss for Pitt and another win for Syracuse, elevating them to 24-0.

So, we have a tale of two fan bases.  Pitt’s fan base is gnashing its teeth.  Syracuse’s fan base cannot stop gushing.  Just take a look at these articles about Syracuse and Ennis:

ACC fans would be well-served to get prepared for a visit from Mr. Ennis.  However, if he keeps this up, his stay in Syracuse will be short.  Not many point guards turn the ball over less than Ennis.  The NBA is taking notice of him and his heroics.  Get to know him while you can.  And for Syracuse fans… enjoy him while you can.

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4 thoughts on “Dear ACC: Get to Know Tyler Ennis (While You Still Can)

  1. M. Caffrey on said:

    Question: Which SU game had the best ending so far in 2013-2014?
    – SU vs. Boston College (Men’s Football)
    – SU vs. Minnesota in the Texas Bowl (Men’s Football)
    – SU vs. Duke (Men’s Basketball)
    – SU vs. Pitt (Men’s Basketball)

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