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Confidential Bracketology: March 15, 2014

Let’s have some fun projecting the NCAA’s top 4 seeds for the Big Dance.  This is based on what the Confidential thinks will happen tomorrow.  We limit it to the seeded teams.

The New York City Bracket:

#1.  Michigan (Milwaukee pod)

#2.  Virginia (Raleigh pod)

#3.  Creighton (Spokane pod)

#4.  Cincinnati (San Diego pod)

The Wolverines climb into the #1 spot on the strength of a Big 10 tournament title appearance and good overall numbers.  Win or lose, Virginia and Duke are earmarked for a #2 seed.  Creighton ekes in as the third seed, but is shipped to Spokane.  Cincinnati is punished… errr…rewarded with a trip to San Diego.

The Memphis Bracket:

#1.  Florida (Orlando pod)

#2.  Duke (Raleigh pod)

#3.  Iowa State (San Antonio pod)

#4.  Michigan State (Orlando pod)

Florida is looking like an overall #1 seed for the tournament.  Either way, they will be in Orlando.  We have Michigan State surging to a #4 seed, claiming the right to scout the Gators in person.  Duke is right here with a #2 seed, getting Raleigh and Memphis.  Iowa State is slotted into a #3 spot, rewarded with San Antonio.

The Indianapolis Bracket:

#1.  Wichita State (St. Louis pod)

#2.  Louisville (St. Louis pod)

#3.  Wisconsin (Milwaukee pod)

#4.  Syracuse (Buffalo pod)

Wichita State gets the nod as the #3 overall seed, making Indy the logical spot.  Louisville joins the Shockers in St. Louis.  Wisconsin gets the #3 and a return trip to Indianapolis.  Syracuse goes from #1 in the country one month ago to a #4 seed, but still gets Buffalo due to geographic “breaks.”

The Anaheim Bracket:

#1.  Arizona (San Diego pod)

#2.  Villanova (Buffalo pod)

#3.  Kansas (San Antonio pod)

#4.  San Diego State (Spokane pod)

Arizona is the #2 overall seed, but it was never in doubt that they would get San Diego and Anaheim.  The real surprise is Villanova and Kansas being sent West.  It is plausible that Kansas will be the #2 and Villanova the #3, but the locations seem to be solid.  San Diego State’s rebuilding year still lands them a #4 seed, albeit with a first round trip to Spokane.

Overall seeds:

  1. Florida
  2. Arizona
  3. Wichita St
  4. Michigan
  5. Virginia
  6. Louisville
  7. Duke loser
  8. Villanova/Kansas
  9. Villanova/Kansas
  10. Wisconsin
  11. Creighton
  12. Iowa State
  13. Syracuse
  14. Michigan State
  15. San Diego State
  16. Cincinnati

Points be region:

South: Florida (1), Duke (7), Iowa State (12), and Michigan State (14) = 34

Midwest: Wichita State (3), Louisville (6), Wisconsin (10), Syracuse (13) = 32

East: Michigan (4), Virginia (5), Creighton (11), and Cincinnati (16) = 36

West: Arizona (2), Villanova/Kansas (8,9), and San Diego State (15) = 34

Pod anchors:

Orlando: Florida (1), Michigan State (4)

Raleigh: Duke (2), Virginia (2)

Buffalo: Villanova (2 or 3), Syracuse (4)

Milwaukee: Michigan (1), Wisconsin (3)

St. Louis: Wichita State (1), Louisville (2)

San Antonio: Kansas (2 or 3), Iowa State (3)

Spokane: Creighton (3), San Diego State (4)

San Diego: Arizona (1), Cincinnati (4)

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