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The ‘New’ ACC Brand

After weeks of speculation, and an early leak by ESPN’s Brett McMurphy, the ACC has unveiled their new branding today. The news release and announcement  can be seen here-!/news-detail/ACC-brand_05-29-14_s2edrj

In the past, changes have corresponded with membership additions and this time it’s no different. Instead of the Maryland ‘M,’ viewers are greeted by the angry face of the Louisville Cardinal. It’s strange to longtime Conference traditionalists, but it’s all part of the transition to July 1st, when the Terrapins are officially members of the Big 10 and the Cardinals finally enter the ACC.

Reception of the logo so far has been mixed, as expected, but it’s exciting to finally see the changes take place. Conference expansion is often a stressful, drawn-out process for leagues and schools, and much like everyone else, the Confidential hopes that these are the last moves for a while. Unless, Notre Dame wants to go all-in and then #16 has a spot waiting for them whoever they may be.

So what do you think? Do you like ACC’s new logo, or did you prefer the older one(s)? Let us know in the replies.




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