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Conference Conversation Topics

Here is a quick comparison of the conference conversation topics on blogs and message boards throughout the Internet today:


  1. Football: FSU–champions Again!  Can they repeat?
  2. Football depth on the increase with Miami rounding into form, and Louisville coming on board.
  3. Basketball: The big 4 of Duke, Syracuse, UNC, and Louisville… going to be awesome.  National championships are inevitable.
  4. Lacrosse–deepest conference by far.
  5. Notre Dame is nice to have around.


  1. Football–Bama, Auburn, LSU, South Carolina, A&M, Georgia, Missouri, Florida… so very very good at football.  Which team will win it all?
  2. Nick Saban
  3. Basketball–Kentucky and Florida–will they get #1 seeds and make the Final Four?


  1. BTN and other TV contracts: generating plenty of money!
  2. CIC: generating plenty of money!
  3. Oh, and we added Rutgers and Moneyland…errr Maryland.
  4. Did we mention how much money we were making?
  5. We have top notch wrestling!

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again.  The Big 10… first in money and nothing else.  See here.

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One thought on “Conference Conversation Topics

  1. Have you heard about how much money the B1G is making? Oh & the SEC will make about a billion dollars each off of their network.

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