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Do You Think You Know ACC Football? Prove it!

So, you think you know college football? Especially ACC football?  Prove it.

The Confidential is announcing a friendly (i.e. no prize) contest in a fantasy football style format.  FANT-ACC Football!  If you think you know ACC football, here is your chance to prove it.

Here are the rules:

Rule #1:  Each week, we will post the week’s entry page.

Rule #2: Anyone desiring to enter that week must submit ONE (and only one) comment in that post announcing the following:

  • One Quarterback from “an ACC school” (i.e. the 14 ACC schools, plus Notre Dame)
  • One Running Back from an ACC school
  • One Wide Receiver from an ACC school
  • One more Running Back, Wide Receiver, or Tight End from an ACC school
  • One defense for an ACC school.
  • One coach for an ACC school

Example of a great entry: Jameis Winston (QB) FSU; Duke Williams (RB) Miami; Jamison Crowder (WR) Duke; Ryan Switzer (WR), UNC; Clemson Defense; and Coach Scott Shafer.  Note the use of first names, positions, and schools.  There are obviously more than one Williams in the ACC.  Also, see Rule #6 regarding diversity in selecting your team.

Rule #3: The scoring is as follows for QBs, RBs, WR’s, and TE’s:

  1. 1 point for every 20 yards passing
  2. 1 point for every 10 yards rushing and receiving.
  3. 5 points for a touchdown of any variety (i.e. includes special teams)
  4. 2 points for participating in a 2-point conversion… i.e. passing, rushing, or receiving for one.
  5. For a QB only… 5 bonus points for winning a game in which he attempted at least 90% of the teams passes.  Yes, if your QB only completes 88% of his teams passes because a backup comes in for the second half of a game against an terrible foe, no points are awarded.  We are rewarding he defeating of a meritorious foe, not a cupcake.

Rule #4: The scoring is as follows for a Defense:

  1. Scoring formula = (30 MINUS the number of points the defense allows in regulation)Example, if your team allows 21 points, the defense gets 9 points.  If your team allows 52 points, the defense gets -22 points.  If the score is 30-30 in regulation, but 52-50 in overtime, the defense gets 0 points.
  2. 5 bonus points for winning the game, 2 bonus points for losing in overtime.
  3. 1 points for a recovered fumble, interception, or sack.
  4. -4 points for allowing 500 yards of offense, 400 yards of passing, and/or 300 yards of rushing.

Rule #5: The scoring is as follows for a Coach:

  1. 6 points for winning a game against an FBS opponent
  2. 3 points for winning a game against an FCS opponent.
  3. -6 points for losing a game against an FCS opponent.
  4. Bonus points for defeating a ranked team: 20 points for top 5, 15 points for #6-#15, 10 points for #16-#25.  The poll will be the AP Poll until the College Football Playoff Standings is released, currently expected to be October 28, 2014Example: If your coach defeats the #9 ranked team, he will get 15 bonus points; if he defeats a 16th ranked team, he will get 10 points).

Rule #6: Bonus points: If your entry uses players/coaches from six different ACC schools, you will receive 5 bonus points that week.

Rule #7: The entrant with the highest number of points will “WIN” the week.  The winner will be congratulated in a post.

Rule #8: This is a contest for FUN.  However, it is that much more FUN to be a winner and prove that you have superior college football knowledge.  So we hope that everyone enjoys the friendly competition.

Rule #9: The contest will end with the conclusion of the regular season (i.e. there will be no entries the week of the ACC Championship Game).  The Confidential will name an Overall Winner(s), if any, at the end of the contest in a congratulatory post.  If no entrant records at least two WINS, then there will be no Overall Winner and the congratulatory post will be merely to recognize all of the participants that received one WIN.  There may be multiple Overall Winners.

Rule #10:  The source of the statistics will be the ESPN boxscore, as of the date that it is reviewed by the Confidential for tabulation.  Once the Confidential reviews the ESPN boxscore, the scoring is final–even if ESPN is inaccurate or there is a change to the boxscore.

SO… let us repeat… are you willing to prove each week that you know ACC Football?  Let us know if you plan to submit entries this year.





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